Bi Sex In Deep Space

Deep space crews are a rare . . . super horny . . . breed. Locked in a tiny ship for months on end with no company but each other, they're always eager to take on a newcomer.

So, the crew of Asteroid Prospecting Ship "Skydancer" eagerly welcomes an innocent young engineer on board.

Passion explodes in orbit as the lusty spacers break in a new trainee.

Includes the short story Her Bi Boy Toys. A ruthless executive introduces her innocent young straight partner to man-on-man sex.

Contains explicit hetero and gay sex, including first time gay sex, oral sex, anal sex, analingus, interracial sex, and group sex.

Free Fall Sex (Short Story)

Horny Astronauts Can't Wait

Her Bi Boy Toys (Bonus Story)

Her Boy Toy's First Male-Male Sex

Sample from Skydancers