Ken James Fiction


Jack Hammer: Kings Ransom 20 - The Ring

Saturday, September 23

10:45 p.m.

"Gentlemen!" Steve Steel addressed the crowd. "And you guys, too!" There were 107 men gathered around the wrestling mat in the big main room of Steel Steve's Global Health Club. Each had paid $250 to watch this event. Many had paid extra to do more than watch. The proceeds were going to a group of gay organizations.

A dozen of the spectators were totally naked. The others were dressed in Speedos, jeans, or leather gear. Lots of leather gear. That was the main vibe at the converted gym on East Riverside Drive.

Steve Steel, the gay bath's owner, walked to the center of the wrestling mat, high-fiving the guys to either side of him. He was wearing his usual black leather jockstrap, chest harness, and work boots. He was far and away the most ripped guy in the joint . . . That was saying something with all the serious beefcake that inhabited Steel Steve's.

Steve grinned and posed for the crowd, showing off his bulging chest, arms, legs, crotch, and ass. Especially his super-sculpted ass, which he exercised with a long line of pumped muscle men.

"Doms and subs!" His voice boomed off the hard walls and floor. "Pitchers and catchers! Big dogs and little puppies! Lend me your ears!"

"This is it, studs and sissies! The final event of the night!" He lowered his voice, but everyone could still hear him perfectly. "If you will . . . The Climax!"

He waited for the cheers to die down and continued at his usual stentorian volume. "Tonight! You've watched eight men enter . . . The Ring!" He gestured at the red circle in the middle of the regulation mat. "Four have claimed sweet victory. The others have been brutally butt-fucked." He paused dramatically. "You decide who the real winners are." The crowd laughed.

Steve struck another pose, thrusting his crotch forward and displaying the big bulge in his jockstrap. "Now . . ." He nodded to one of the Steel Steve's trainers, who was standing at the edge of the mat holding his phone. A drum roll began, soft but steadily increasing in volume.

"The Rumble on Riverside Drive! . . . The Battle for Steel Steve's Slut Swing! . . ." The drums fell silent after a thunderous crash. An ominous bass note sounded and lights came on at the darkened end of the room, illuminating a heavy steel frame supporting a black leather sling. "The hottest and heaviest reaming and creaming in the history of Austin, Texas . . . Starts Now!" A trumpet fanfare sounded, sending brass notes echoing through the exposed ceiling beams.

Jack was standing in the shadows beside Joe Torres. They were both naked. "Well, Dude. We're up." He put a hand on Joe's bare ass and slid a teasing finger along his butt crack.

"My cock sure is up," Joe growled. He was a tall rugged-looking Hispanic man with a hairy chest and a receding hairline, wearing a beard trimmed to the length of his buzz cut. His long thick uncut cock was rock-hard, with a broad plow-shaped head and a deep corneal ring. He stepped behind Jack and gripped his hips, then pressed his cock-head into Jack's asshole. "Soon, it's going to be up your ass."

"Don't get too . . . cocky." Jack's dick was just as hard as Joe's. He twisted out of the other man's hands and reversed their positions. "You've got to beat me first."

Joe laughed. "You fuckin' jarheads." He was ex-Navy. "Think you can do anything."

"Only because we can." Jack slapped Joe's ass. "Two falls out of three, Dude." Steve was announcing him. Music blared and the men cheered as Jack ran out into the center of the ring.

"Machos and Nellies! Kings and Queens! Give it up for our favorite newcomer." Steve turned Jack around and humped his crack through his bulging leather jockstrap. "Jack Studd!"

Jack bent over, pulled his cheeks open, and waved his butt at the audience. "Bears and Cubs!" Steve roared. "Tops and Bottoms! You may be getting a crack at Jack's fine asshole tonight!" Jack straightened up and faced the crowd, then slipped a finger in his mouth and worked it in and out suggestively. "Or at least a blowjob." Steve pointed to a trainer standing on the sidelines. "If you haven't made your donation yet, go see Carl."

A few men drifted over to the trainer as Steve continued. "Steers and Queers! Actives and Passives! Aggie Fags and Faggy Aggies! Here's the Lifetime Champion of the Steel Steve's Fuck-Off Competition . . . The macho man of macho men . . . The Tex-Mex Panther . . . El Gato Grande! . . . Risking his virgin ass in the Slut Swing."

Joe strolled out to garish bullfighter music and mooned the men. He caught Jack's eye and whispered, "No risk man. I'm gonna beat your ass. Then fuck it."

Jack, Steve, and Joe formed a line facing the crowd with Steve in the middle. He held up Jack's and Joe's hands. "Two falls out of three. College wrestling rules. A pin is one second with both shoulders on the mat." He pointed to the trainer who'd been operating the music. "Tony will referee." He was a high school wrestling coach who'd come out after he'd retired.

"Showtime, boys!" Steve slapped Jack's and Joe's asses and walked away. The crowd moved off the mat. The lights in the room dimmed, leaving the mat brightly illuminated.

Jack and Joe faced off in the red ring in the center of the mat, crouching with their legs spread wide and their arms extended. Tony called "Round one!" and the match commenced.

Wrestling naked felt strange. The sight of Joe's swinging cock and bouncing balls was distracting as they slowly circled, lunging and feinting, trying for an advantage. Fortunately, Joe was having the same problem, looking at Jack's crotch rather than keeping an unfocused gaze on his body—ready to react to any possible move.

Joe ducked forward and caught Jack's ankle, but Jack danced away and hooked Joe's ankle, bringing him down. He was on top of Joe in a split second, trying to force his shoulders to the mat, but Joe was slick and fast and escaped easily.

Jack had known he was gay since his early teens. Wrestling, with all its super-intimate physical contact, had always been intensely sexual for him. This naked sweaty skin-on-skin was unbelievably more so. His and Joe's cocks had softened when the match started, but their rods had grown rock-hard as they rolled and squirmed on the mat.

Almost by luck, Jack finally forced Joe's shoulders to the mat. The big butch man tried to arch his back and throw him off, but Jack managed to keep him pinned until Tony, who had been scurrying around their struggling bodies, watching the action intently, slapped the mat. "Round one to Jack Studd!"

Jack and Joe scrambled to their feet, breathing hard and dripping sweat. They stood facing each other, watching each other warily. They both had giant hard-ons. Joe grinned and skinned back his foreskin. "See this cock, jarhead? It's going up your ass." He pointed to the crowd of men stretched along the edges of the mat. "Along with a few dozen other dicks."

Jack laughed. "In your dreams, swabby." He grinned at the men surrounding them. Most of them had their dicks out. Many were masturbating. A few were fooling with each other. "Don't come too fast, guys. You don't want to miss out on El Coño's virgin asshole." Joe scowled.

"All right, guys," Tony said. "Take your positions for round two."

Before the match, Jack and Joe had agreed that the man who won the first fall would take the defensive position, which had always reminded Jack of the doggie style anal sex position. This time, naked with hard-ons, it was overtly sexual, rather than just highly suggestive.

Jack got down on the mat with his knees spread apart and his hands in front of his shoulders. Joe knelt behind Jack and pushed the tip of his dick into Jack's exposed butthole. "Getting' a little ahead of yourself there, Bubba," Jack growled.

Joe reached around Jack's body and gave his stiff dick a quick squeeze. "Just giving you a little taste. You'll be getting the whole thing soon enough." He moved into the proper offensive position, kneeling beside Jack with his right arm wrapped around Jack's waist and the palm of his hand pressing against Jack's navel. As he gripped Jack's left elbow with his left hand, Joe whispered, "Is the Marine motto really, 'Take it easy, okay?'"

"What makes you think you're going to find out?"

"Round two!" Tony announced.

Joe tried to pull Jack's left hand off the floor and pull him onto the mat. There were several simple counters to that. Instead, Jack went with it, doing a full flip and landing on his back, carrying Joe with him. Before Joe could react, Jack had his neck in a scissors and pushed his shoulders to the mat.

Before Tony could call time, Joe rolled onto his stomach. Jack swarmed on top of him, holding him down and struggling to flip him over. In a normal match, wearing regulation singlets, this position was almost butt-fucking. Naked, with his stiff dick humping Joe's crack, he could shift his position slightly and have his cock up Joe's asshole. Joe knew it too. He bucked up, breaking Jack's grip, and scrambled to his knees.

They grappled fiercely, trying to get a tight grip on each others' sweat-slick bodies. Finally, Joe got lucky and forced Jack's shoulders to the mat. "Round two goes to El Gato Grande!" Tony cried.

After a brief pause for Jack and Joe to towel the sweat off their slick bodies, they squared off again. For the first time, Jack realized he might lose this match. Joe was on a gay city wrestling team and competed frequently. Jack trained constantly, but it was in the mixed martial arts the Marines favored, rather than straight wrestling. Not that he minded being butt-fucked, even by a regiment, but he so wanted Joe's sexy ass. One thing for sure. The big guy was going to have to fight for Jack's butt tonight.

This time, Joe took the defensive position on hands and knees with Jack kneeling beside him. Jack tickled Joe's asshole before wrapping his arm around Joe's waist. "It ain't over 'till it's over, swabby."

"Maybe not, but I'll tell you how it's gonna end." Joe's grin was evil. This had started out playful, but turned deadly serious. "You tied up in that sling, with cum leaking out of your asshole."

Tony started the round. Joe broke away easily. He and Jack sprang to their feet and circled each other warily. Jack caught Joe's ankle and took him down, but he bounced back up behind Jack, lifted him off his feet and then threw him to the mat. He was on Jack in an instant, but Jack was already countering.

The adrenalin coursing through Jack's veins pushed him into a combat focus. Joe was fast as greased lightning, but so was he as they struggled, hard male body rubbing against hard male body, connecting intimately as lovers in a brutal battle of sensual power.

The men had no time for thought, just reaction. Jack's combat-honed reactions were just a touch sharper. "Round three to Jack Studd!" Tony finally declared. The crowd roared.

Jack and Joe slowly climbed to their feet, exhausted and dripping with sweat.

"Good fight, man." Joe kissed Jack tenderly.

"It was close." Jack kissed Joe back, starting tenderly but getting dirty—open-mouthed with an aggressive tongue while fondling each others' stiff cocks. "You could have had me a dozen times."

"Instead, you're gonna have me." Joe laughed nervously. "Guess that'll be all right." He pointed to Jack's stiff cock. It was smaller than his oversized rod, but still considerably longer and thicker than average. "That little thing won't hurt me."

"Don't worry." Jack grinned wolfishly. "I'll take it easy." Joe looked relieved for a split second, than made a disgusted face and shook his head. Jack's grin grew wider. "At first."

"Bulls and Steers!" Steve stepped into the center of the mat with an unusually large bulge in his black leather jockstrap and wrapped his hands around Jack's and Joe's stiff poles. "We have our winner and our loser!"

Steve tongue-kissed Jack while fondling his hard-on, then turned his attention to Joe. When he'd finished, he struck another muscle pose and held it while a soft drum roll began. The drums increased steadily in volume, finally falling silent after a thunderous crash.

An ominous bass note sounded. The lights over the mat dimmed. "Fags and Queers!" Steve said from the semi-darkness. "It's time for El Gato Grande to take his ride in Steel Steve's Slut Swing, the erotic Iron Throne of Austin!"

The lights came up over the Slut Swing as the trumpet fanfare sounded again. This time, the drums joined in, growing louder and louder as Steve gripped Jack's and Joe's stiff poles and led them to the sling, followed by the crowd of now mostly-naked men.

The drums fell silent when they stopped in front of the sling. It was black leather, suspended from the steel frame by heavy chrome chains. Joe put his lips to Jack's ear and whispered, "I'm glad it's you."

Before Jack could answer, Joe climbed into the sling. A trainer cuffed his wrists and ankles to the chains, leaving him helpless with his virgin asshole totally exposed. "Come on, man," he said. "Let's do this."

Wordlessly, Jack stepped to the foot of the sling, gripped his hard cock, and pressed its tip into Joe's asshole. The big man's eyes widened as Jack's broad cock-head stretched his ass.

"You sure are Grande!" Jack wrapped his hand around Joe's stiff pole. "Biggest I've ever seen." He stroked Joe's shaft while rubbing his foreskin over his cock-head. "And I've seen a few." He bent forward and wrapped his lips around Joe's rigid pole.

Joe's massive dick was a mouthful, tasting of hot sweaty man—salt, precum, and a mysterious indefinable but unmistakable male musk. Jack pulled Joe's foreskin up all the way and swirled his tongue between his fleshy hood and swollen cock-head.

"Man!" Joe gasped. "You sure know how to work a dick."

Jack kissed and licked his way down Joe's stiff rod to his shaved balls. "I'm just getting started." He licked and sucked Joe's balls—taking one in his mouth, then the other, and finally both—while tickling the little spot between his anus and scrotum.

"Oh yeah man!" Joe groaned. "That's good." His cock jerked as Jack licked and sucked his nuts. Joe tensed briefly when Jack pressed a fingertip into his asshole, but then relaxed and pushed his butt back toward Jack, taking the finger deeper.

Jack let Joe's balls slip out of his mouth. "You like that?" He vibrated his fingertip, teasing Joe's anus.

"Feels great." Joe's cock was as stiff as a steel rod, leaking precum. "First time I've let anyone play with my asshole."

"I can tell you like it." Jack pulled his finger out of Joe's butt, rolled it in the puddle of precum on his belly, and slipped it back up his ass. Joe gasped as it slipped all the way in. "You'll like this, too." He vibrated the finger while lashing Joe's shaved balls with his tongue.

"Jesus!" Joe gasped. "I never . . . Come on and fuck me. I'm ready."

"Oh, I'm gonna fuck you all right." Jack stroked his hard-on while he stared at Joe's stiff cock, heavy balls, and the little puckered hole between his sculpted buttocks. "Fuck you good and hard." He fondled Joe's butt cheeks, slowly running the palms of his hands over their smooth coffee-and-cream skin. "But there's something else first." He sank to his knees, put his hands on Joe's butt cheeks, and pulled them even wider apart.

"Oh yeah!" a man shouted. "Eat his ass!" He was in the front row of the men crowded around the sling, stark naked and bent slightly forward with his hands gripping his knees. The man behind him was reaching around the guy's body and fondling his stiff cock.

For an instant, Jack felt shy. This was only the second time he'd had sex in front of an audience. He looked around at the crowd, excited by their boiling lust. He grinned at the man who'd shouted, then turned back to Joe. He kissed, licked, and nipped Joe's hard male buttocks, gradually approaching his butt crack. The big Hispanic man's muscular ass was irresistible.

He licked up and down Joe's crack, then pressed his flat tongue against his asshole and wiggled it back and forth, savoring his mysterious male musk. Joe moaned and squirmed, grinding his butt into Jack's face. "Jesus, that's good!"

Jack curled his tongue into a point and pressed it into the center of Joe's little puckered hole, teasing it open with the tip of his tongue.

Joe moaned and bucked as Jack pushed his tongue in deeper. "Oh fuck yeah! Eat my fucking ass!"

Jack reached between Joe's legs and stroked his stiff cock while tongue-fucking his butt. "Oh God!" Joe gasped. "I'm so fucking close . . ."

Jack pulled his tongue out of Joe's asshole, let go of his throbbing pole, and kissed his butt cheeks. "Not so fast. I've got something else for you. Something big and hard."

"Oh yeah," Joe said. "You've got me so hot. Now, give me your cock."

"Plow his ass," Steve growled from the sidelines. He tossed a tube of lubricant to Jack, who caught it easily. "Give his little virgin asshole a real workout."

"Oh, I will." Jack lubricated his index finger and pressed it between Joe's spread butt cheeks. He moaned and pushed back as Jack's finger slipped all the way up his ass, stopping with his curled knuckles pressed against his buttocks.

Joe was grinning tightly. "Feels good. Go ahead and—" The big bodybuilder's cock jerked as Jack fingered his asshole, occasionally pulling out to add more lube. "Jesus, that's good!"

"Glad you like it. How do you like this?" Jack crossed his index and middle fingers, coated them with lube, and pressed them into Joe's butt.

Joe screamed and tried to jerk away. "You all right?" Jack asked.

"Yeah. You just surprised me. Keep going."

"Okay." Jack rotated his hand slowly as he pushed his fingers into Joe's ass. "Does it still hurt?"

"No. It feels good now. Give me the rest." Joe rocked back and forth, taking Jack's crossed fingers all the way up his butt. "Oh fuck, that's good!" he gasped. "You can do it harder." Jack did, twisting his wrist and working his crossed fingers in and out of Joe's hot virgin-tight asshole.

"Looks like you're ready." Jack slathered his stiff rod with lube and pressed its head into Joe's puckered hole.

"Oh yeah!" Joe gasped. "Give me your big hard cock."

Jack eased forward, stretching Joe's tight asshole. "Man! You've got a tight—" His cock-head suddenly slipped through Joe's anal ring and he drove home, bouncing his balls against Joe's butt cheeks. "Damn!" He drew back and then pushed in again. "Fuckin' tight virgin asshole." He fucked Joe slowly, pulling almost out and slipping back into his depths.

"Jesus, you've got a big-ass cock." Joe swung his hips in time with Jack's slow thrusts. "It feels great."

"Good for me, too." Jack had never fucked a guy in a sling before. It was almost like Joe was weightless, floating over the floor. The restrained man's helplessness was a surprising turn-on, too.

Jack pulled out completely and then drove his cock-head back through Joe's tight anal ring.

"Oh God!" Joe gasped.

"You like that?" Jack pulled out and slid back in again.

"Yeah! That's great!" Joe answered. "Your cock is all the way up my ass. Your balls are pressing against my butt cheeks." He rocked his hips, humping Jack's hard hot rod.

Jack bent forward and kissed Joe. "Ready for a good rough ride?"

"Oh yeah!" Joe's anal muscles clamped Jack's pole. "Ram that big stiff cock up my ass. Hard and fast."

"All right. I'm gonna ream your virgin ass." Jack didn't want to come too fast, so he started out slowly, gradually pulling out and then pushing back in.

Joe's anal muscles relaxed and Jack went faster. "Take my cock!" he growled. "All the way up your hot tight ass."

"Pound my ass!" Joe gasped. "Give me that big stud cock!"

Jack hammered Joe's asshole, drawing back and slamming home, while the watching men chanted, "Fuck his ass! Fuck his ass! Fuck his ass!"

Jack wrapped his hand around Joe's stiff cock and stroked it in time with his rough thrusts. "Oh Jesus!" Joe groaned. "That's so good!" He angled his buttocks to take Jack's driving rod deeper. "Shoot it, stud. Shoot your hot stuff up my ass!"

The tension in Jack's balls reached the bursting point. "Here it comes!" He rammed Joe's asshole, squirting hard hot pulses of cum into his depths while jerking the big man's throbbing pole.

"Oh fuck!" Joe screamed. Long streams of cum fountained from his throbbing cock and splashed his hairy chest and belly.

"Wow!" Joe looked up at Jack dizzily. "That was so fuckin' hot. I've never come like that before!"

Jack grinned. "It was good for me, too! You've got one hell of a fine ass and I'm going to be pounding it a lot more." He pulled out of Joe's butt and stepped away from the sling. His cock was still half-hard, gleaming with lube and traces of his cum.

"Cats and Kittens! Dogs and Puppies!" Steve stepped out of the crowd and joined Jack at the foot of the sling. "Our new champion!" He held Jack's hand in the air. "El Lobo!" The crowd applauded. Steve waited for the sound to die down and then pointed to Joe. "And our reigning champion, El Gato Grande!" The men clapped and cheered, just as loudly as they had for Jack.

Steve rolled his index finger in the cum puddle on Joe's hairy chest and then pressed his finger into Joe's asshole. "And now, in the grand tradition of the Steel Steve's Slut Swing . . ." He worked his finger in and out of Joe's butt a few times, then pulled it out and pointed to the crowd. "It's your turn."

A trainer uncuffed Joe's wrists, freeing his hands, while a group of men wearing wristbands gathered around the sling. The men who'd paid $100 for a green wristband got blow jobs, while the $1,000 high rollers with the red wristbands had . . . all access. The rest of the men formed a wider circle, playing with each other and themselves while they watched the sling action.

Joe stroked and occasionally sucked the stiff cocks thrust in his face while a man with a slim runner's body licked his balls and sucked his dick.

"Back on the porch, little puppy." The deep bass voice shook the room. The speaker parted the crowd like a wave. He was a giant, 6' 6" of bulging muscle with arms and legs like tree trunks and a barrel chest, all covered with heavy black hair, sprinkled with gray. His shaved head gleamed in the lights over the sling. He ran fingers through his closely-trimmed black and gray beard and announced, "The big dog is here."

The runner released Joe's dick and sank to his knees at the giant's feet. "He's all yours, Smokey." The giant grinned and made a gesture like he was flicking a fly away. The slim runner jumped up and scurried off.

The giant's nickname was "Smokey the Bear" and he had a well-deserved reputation as the biggest baddest bear in town. He owned the Bear's Den, the leather specialty shop inside Harley's, the gay biker bar. He also made custom bondage equipment, including the sling Joe was riding.

Smokey was wearing heavy black leather boots, a chest harness, and a cock harness, also black leather with chrome buckles. His shaved rock-hard cock and bulging balls were hot pink, standing out in shocking contrast to his hairy body.

"Hey Sweetcakes," Smokey rumbled. "Guess who paid for first crack at your . . ." His laughter shook the room. ". . . Crack!" He smacked Joe's butt. It made a sound like a pistol shot and left a red handprint.

Smokey turned to Jack, smiling broadly. "After El Lobo here, of course." He gripped Jack's buttocks and pulled their bodies together. "For a while, I thought I was going to get your sweet ass." His big hands kneaded Jack's butt cheeks like a baker working bread dough.

"It was close," Jack said. Smokey's massive hard-on, even longer and thicker than Joe's oversized rod, pressed into Jack's belly.

"Life's a close-run thing." Smokey's finger probed Jack's butt, sending a jolt of erotic energy surging through his body.

"Uh . . . Yeah." Jack had never been into bears. The thought of this overwhelmingly powerful man taking him was terrifying . . . and unbelievably exciting.

"I'm going to put you in the sling," Smokey said softly. "That's what you want, isn't it?"

"Uh . . ."

Smokey patted Jack's ass tenderly. "Don't worry, little Cub. Your time will come." He slapped Jack's butt and pushed him away, then turned to face Joe. "Right now . . ."

"Oh fuck." Joe was staring at Smokey's massive pole, looking both scared and excited. "You're gonna put that big hard . . ."

"That's right, Sweetcakes." Smokey coated his middle and index fingers with lube and pressed them between Joe's buttocks. "I'm gonna fuck your tight little almost-virgin butt." Joe gasped when Smokey's fingers slipped into his asshole.

"Oh Jesus," Joe whispered. "Oh Mary." He stroked his stiff cock and rolled his hips, humping Smokey's sliding fingers.

Smokey smiled down at Joe. "I've watched you in the ring. Fucking all those men." He did something with his fingers that made Joe gasp. "I've been dreaming about your hot ass."

"Fuck me," Joe said. "Now."

Smokey lubricated his giant rock-hard pole and pressed its wide flaring head into Joe's asshole.

"Oh Jesus!" Joe groaned as it stretched him open. Smokey stopped and then drew back slightly. He caught Joe's hand and guided it to his dick. It had softened under the initial anal onslaught, but stiffened as he curled his fingers around its shaft.

Joe slowly beat his stiff meat as Smokey pressed forward, stretching his little puckered hole. "Oh fuck yeah!" he moaned. "Give me your big hard cock!"

Jack was standing at the foot of the sling, watching Smokey's immense cock-head sink deeper into Joe's ass. Smokey leaned over to speak to Jack. "Watch closely," he growled. "I'm gonna fuck you just like this." He straightened up before Jack could answer.

"Here you go, Sweetcakes." Smokey gripped his thick shaft and rolled his hips, pushing his cock-head through Joe's anal ring. Joe screamed, but it sounded more like surprise than pain.

"Good boy," Smokey said. "Take my big hard cock." He slipped his cock-head in and out of Joe's ass mouth a few more times, then pushed his long hard shaft all the way into Joe's asshole, stopping with his bulging balls pressed against Joe's widely-spread butt cheeks.

"Oh Jesus!" Joe said, looking dizzily up at Smokey. "Your big fat cock is all the way up my ass."

Smokey just grinned and nodded, then reached under Jack's stiff dick and gripped his balls. "Soon," he mouthed. "Your ass."

He turned back to Joe. "You like that big bear cock, Sweetcakes?" He pulled his heavy rod almost out and then pushed it back in.

"Oh yeah!"

"That's 'Yes sir!' Sweetcakes." Smokey drew back and pushed in again.

"Yes sir! Please fuck my ass! Sir!"

Joe moaned and jacked his cock frantically as Smokey fucked him with long steady strokes, getting harder and faster.

Everybody in the room was frozen, stroking their stiff cocks while they watched Smokey pound Joe's ass, slamming his furry crotch into the other man's almost-hairless buttocks with a lightning crack that sent the sling flying away before coming back to drive the big bear's thrusting rod even deeper into the cub's asshole.

A few of the men came as the bear roared at room-shaking volume, almost drowning Joe's screams. "Oh fuck, sir! . . . Oh God yeah! . . . Shoot it! . . . Oh God sir! Shoot it! . . . Fucking hard and hot! . . . Oh fuck! Oh God! . . ." On and on as Smokey plowed his ass as relentlessly as an attacking bear.

Smokey pulled his cock out of Joe's ass and stepped away, leaving the other man limp in the sling with a thin line of cum leaking out of his anus and running down his butt cheeks.

He started to walk away, but then turned back to Jack. "Your ass is next." Jack's stiff dick grew even harder. Smokey squeezed Jack's butt possessively and then left.

For a few moments, the men stood still, staring at Joe sprawled on the sling with a rock-hard cock, and spread legs, displaying his well-fucked asshole. Then, one of the men with a red wristband broke the spell by stepping to the foot of the sling.

Like most Steel Steve's guys, he was a big, hairy, and ruggedly male body builder, with close-cropped black hair, a heavy mustache and beard stubble, wearing heavy black leather boots, a black leather biker cap, a black leather chest harness, and black leather chaps which left his crotch and buttocks bare. Jack recognized him as "Dirty Doug" from the sex competition a month ago.

Dirty Doug stood over Joe, running slow fingers over his stiff cock and shaved balls, restrained by a black leather cock ring with chrome studs. "Remember me, El Gato?"

Joe grinned. "Oh yeah. It'll be a long time before I forget your sweet ass."

"It's your turn now." Doug lubricated his cock and slid it up Joe's ass.

That got the orgy started. The red wristband guys took turns fucking Joe's ass and coming in his butt while he jerked and sucked the green band men. The remaining guys jacked off and fooled around with each other while they watched the action at the sling.

Jack joined the crowd. He let the guys play with his stiff cock and fucked a few butts, but didn't come again.

When the last man had come in Joe's ass, the onlookers gathered around the sling, jacked off, and sprayed Joe with cum.

The group drifted away, leaving Jack alone with Joe in the sling.

"Man! That was something," Joe said as Jack released his ankles from their restraints. "I'm not sure if I can walk." Jack helped him up. He was unsteady from having his legs secured for so long, but got better after taking a few steps. "Guess I'll be all right." His cock had grown rock-hard again, just like Jack's.

"I hope so." Jack climbed into the sling and lifted his legs, offering Joe his asshole. "It's your turn."

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