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Mr. Right Now 2 - Daniel

Forbidden lust with a muscle boy.

It's a quiet Sunday afternoon. I'm watching an old movie when Daniel calls. He wants to come over. Sure.

He says he'll be here soon. I brush my teeth and straighten up the apartment. That mostly consists of hiding the pot. Daniel's kind of weird about pot. He doesn't mind if you smoke it, but he really doesn't want to see it. I finish the housework and go back to the movie. A few minutes later, the doorbell rings.

Daniel is standing there on the porch with his usual slightly-nervous smile. He's a handsome Hispanic man in his early 20s with medium-level bodybuilder muscles, dressed in a tank top and tight butt-and-crotch-hugging shorts. He's about four inches shorter than me, with thick jet black hair brushed straight back.

Daniel has my phone number, but he's never given me his. He has a jealous boyfriend who has sex with other men, but demands that Daniel be faithful.

"Hey dude." I plaster my body against his and kiss him passionately. He kisses me back, somewhat impersonally. "Good to see you again." I pat his butt affectionately and let him go. "Want a beer?"

Of course. That's part of the ritual.

I get a bottle for myself as well, even though I don't particularly want it. We sit at opposite ends of the couch and watch a gay porn video. We keep our clothes on and don't touch the growing bulges in our crotches.

Daniel drinks his beer in slow steady sips while he operates the remote, fast-forwarding through the non-sexual parts of the video and sometimes the blow jobs. He watches the fucking intently, sometimes rewinding the video to watch a sequence again.

It's all right with me. I like watching porn, but when I'm with another person, I'm way more interested in him, or occasionally her, than in what's happening on a screen. So, I wait for Daniel like a black panther, lurking in the shadows beside the trail to the water hole, savoring the anticipation of the nice tasty gazelle coming down to drink.

After several compressed sex scenes, Daniel finishes his beer. He sets it down, stands up, and says, "Come on."

"Okay." I take a final sip of my beer and stand up. It's still half full, but I leave it on the coffee table and follow him into the bedroom. We strip quickly and get into bed.

Daniel lies on his back and I lie on top of him. We French kiss while rubbing stiff cocks. "So good," he whispers.

I kiss and lick his face, ears, and neck, then work my way down the front of his body. I suck his nipples, then move down over his flat belly to his crotch. I pass over his stiff cock and go for his balls. He moans and rolls his hips as I lick and suck his hot nuts, taking one, then the other, and finally both in my mouth. "Oh man!" Daniel groans. "You're the best."

"Suck me." I straddle Daniel's shoulders, kneeling with my stiff dick in front of his mouth.

Daniel doesn't usually suck my cock, but this time his eyes light up and he closes his lips around my rigid pole, engulfing my cock-head and the first inch of my shaft. His tongue caresses my crown's tightly-stretched skin, sending ripples of pleasure through my body.

"Yeah," I whisper. "Suck it. Suck my big hard cock." Daniel works a hand between my legs and strokes my rigid shaft while his mouth bobs over the rest of my rod. He's really good at this. I wonder why he's held back until now.

"I'm getting close." I pull my throbbing cock out of Daniel's mouth and move back to kneel between his open thighs. "And I'm nowhere near ready to come." I bend down and kiss him, hard and dirty, then lower my head to his crotch.

I kiss, lick, and suck Daniel's balls. They taste of sweat and raw man. I move on to his taint and run my flat tongue over that little strip of flesh between his balls and anus. He moans as my nimble tongue dances dangerously close to his asshole.

Daniel goes wild when I return to his straining cock, thrusting his hips upward and driving his stiff pole into my mouth as I knead his tight nuts, stroke his swollen shaft, and swallow his big hard dick.

He stops fucking my face and slides his feet up the mattress, lifting his knees. I continue sucking his hard dick while I lubricate my finger and stick it up his asshole. He moans and rocks his hips again, humping my finger. I finger-fuck his ass, pulling my finger out to add more lube and then sticking it back in. "Your ass is hot and tight." I slip a second lubricated finger up his butt and work the pair in and out. "Ready to be fucked?"

"Oh yeah." Daniel folds his knees against his chest, lifting his butt and showing me his pretty little puckered hole. "Give me your big hard cock."

I smear lube on my rigid pole and press its head into the center of Daniel's sexy asshole. "Fuck me now." He swings his hips, lifting his butt higher and spiking his ass on my hot rod. My cock-head slides through his anal ring and I plunge into his depths, slapping my pelvis against his buttocks.

Daniel's ass is really fucking tight. My cock throbs and the cum boils in my nuts, close to the bursting point. I hold still, taking deep breaths, gradually backing away from the brink.

"Come on," Daniel says. "Pound my ass." I don't pound, but take him with long slow strokes, still perilously close to coming. After a few careful thrusts, the urge recedes and I fuck him harder and faster.

After I've hammered Daniel for a while, he says, "Get on your back. I want to ride your cock." Being on the bottom like that isn't my favorite position, because I can't thrust the way I like. On the other hand, it's kind of hot having my partner do all the work.

"Okay." I pull my stiff dick out of his butt and roll over onto my back. Daniel smears more lube on my rod, then straddles my hips and lowers his asshole onto my rigid pole. He groans as he takes the whole thing, stopping with his butt cheeks pressed against my tight balls.

"Oh yeah," he moans. "That's right." He swings his hips slowly, moving his butt up and down. I run my hands over his arm muscles, stroke his big muscular chest, and caress his nipples while he rides my towering spear. Fucking a muscle man is really exciting.

Daniel lifts almost off my dick and holds still with his butt raised, freeing me to thrust upward. I roll my hips, driving my cock up his ass with a hard fast rhythm. "Yeah," Daniel says. "Fuck me hard!"

I wrap my hand around Daniel's stiff cock and jack it off while I pound his ass from below. "Oh fuck!" Daniel gasps. "Oh fucking Jesus!" Hot cum explodes from his hard cock, splashing my chest and belly.

The cum is boiling in my own nuts. I flip him onto his back and hammer his ass violently, coming after a few strokes, shooting up his hot tight butt, over and over.

"That was really good," Daniel says. "The best ever."

"For me, too." I lean forward to kiss him and my softened cock slips out of his asshole. "You're extra hot today." I kiss him and he kisses me back. It starts tenderly but gets rough and dirty. When we finish, my newly-spent cock is hard again.

Daniel stands up. "Time for a shower." That's his ritual—finish with the sex, take a quick shower, and then leave. Go back to his jealous boyfriend.

I'm totally surprised when Daniel holds his hand out to me. "Want to join me?"

Sure. We spend a long time in the shower, soaping each others' bodies, paying special attention to our lube slick cocks, balls, and asses.

We finally rinse off and get out of the shower. I admire Daniel's muscular body, as well as his long thick cock and shapely butt, while we're drying off. "What's the deal?" I ask. "You're usually in a hurry."

"My lover's out of town." He finishes drying off, hangs the towel up, and goes out the door. I drop my own towel on the counter and follow him into the living room. "So I don't have to get back home." He continues into the kitchen and takes two fresh beers out of the refrigerator. He hands me one. "Let's watch some more porn."

We pick an exceptionally hot video—one with lots of butt-fucking and three-ways—and sit side by side on the couch. We're naked and we play with each others' hard cocks while we watch the gay sex on the screen.

I dash into the bedroom for the lube, then get down on all fours, facing the TV. "Ready to fuck me?"

"Oh yeah." Daniel takes the squeeze bottle out of my hand and kneels behind me. "I'm gonna fuck the hell out of your hot ass." My stiff cock jerks as his slick finger slides up my butt. He works it in and out a few times, then pulls it out and adds more lube.

"Fuck me now," I say. "I'm ready."

"All right." Daniel lubricates his big stiff dick and pushes it up my asshole. I keep my anal muscles tight, making him work for it. I moan like it hurts, but those are really sounds of pleasure as his swollen cock-head gradually opens my anal ring. He pushes on, finally slipping through and diving into my depths.

Daniel fucks me steadily. The cum is building in my balls again when he suddenly pulls out. Then he drives back in, all the way up to the hilt. He pulls out and then pushes in a few more times, then goes back to fucking me hard and fast, slapping his balls against my butt cheeks. "God, you've got a hot tight butt!" Daniel gasps.

"Pound my ass." I thrust my buttocks back to meet his driving cock. "Come inside me."

Daniel hammers my butt. "I'm gonna shoot!" He rams my ass, splashing jet after jet of hot cum against my anal walls.

Daniel finally finishes. He pulls his dick out of my ass and rolls me onto my back. "I'm gonna suck your cock now." He jerks my rod and squeezes my nuts roughly, while taking me deep in his throat.

"Oh fuck!" I moan. "I'm—" Daniel gulps greedily as the cum bursts from my throbbing pole. I keep coming and coming, like I hadn't shot a huge load a few minutes before. Daniel gets all of it. Afterwards, he takes me into the bedroom. We lie side by side, cuddling and kissing tenderly.

Daniel's always been a great fuck, but I really like this relaxed and affectionate side of him. I hope his lover goes out of town more often.

* * *

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