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Ms. Right Now - Sammy

Sneaking sex with a baby butch.

I'm in the back bedroom of a luxury condo, watching two men fuck while a gay porn video plays on the TV beside the bed.

Henry, the smaller man on the bed, is lying on his back with his legs folded against his chest, lifting his butt. Charles, Henry's partner, is kneeling between Henry's open legs, sliding his stiff cock up Henry's ass.

"Wow!" Sammy whispers. "That's so sexy!" She's a stereotypical bull dyke—chunky with broad shoulders, a square jaw, and man-short hair, dressed in work boots, blue Dockers, and a white man's shirt with its long sleeves rolled up—but the combination is boy-cute, instead of intimidating.

We're two hours into a party at a rich queen's place. The liquor flows freely and people slip out to pass joints on the back patio, so everybody is more than a little wasted.

Sammy came with her ultra-femme girlfriend, Fritzie, who's in the living room, talking about fashion with a pair of gay dress designers. Fritzie's husband would be very upset to learn his sexy wife is into butch girls and only married him for his money.

I'd wandered away from the main party. This is the sex room, with a gay porn video playing and condoms and squeeze bottles of lubricant scattered around, so I wasn't surprised to see Charles and Henry naked on the bed getting ready to fuck. I hadn't expected to see Sammy there, watching the men so intently. I didn't think butches were into male-male sex.

She'd turned to look at me when I came in. "Enjoying the show?" I'd asked.

"Oh yeah," she'd answered. "I've never seen two guys . . ." She'd glanced at the TV. "I mean, in porn but not for real."

Sammy and I are standing side by side at the foot of the bed, watching Charles fuck Henry's butt while one twink sucks another's cock on the video. We're also stealing frequent glances at each other. I've always been into tomboys and she's really sexy with her boyish looks, along with the wide feminine hips stretching her Dockers and the full breasts filling her white shirt.

She seems to like the way I look, too. I'm not handsome, but I am tall, rugged, and moderately athletic, dressed in my usual tight tee-shirt and blue jeans that show off my big crotch bulge. It's grown a hell of a lot bigger since I walked into the room. And not just because of Charles, Henry, and the video. Sammy's the main reason for my growing boner.

"Do you like the show?" Sammy asks. I nod. She plasters her body against mine and kisses me long, hard, and dirty—open-mouthed with dueling tongues. The way one gay man kisses another.

"Does Fritzie like for you to kiss her that way?" I ask.

"Not at first." Sammy laughs softly. "But once I get her heated up . . ." She kneads my buttocks and grinds her pelvis into my crotch bulge. "I think you get the idea."

"I'm definitely getting some ideas," I say.

"Do they involve pulling my pants down and bending me over the bed?"

"Well, I was thinking of a slightly more romantic approach. But, yeah. Basically, pulling your pants down and bending you over the bed."

"That is romantic." She kisses me again.

Charles and Henry trade places on the bed. Charles gets on all fours facing the TV. Henry mounts him from behind and fucks him roughly.

"I will bend over for you," Sammy says. "But the pants stay on. At least, for now. Okay?" She bends over, facing the bed, and waves her butt at me. It doesn't look like a man's ass in her tight-fitting Dockers, but it's every bit as sexy.

"Sure." I step behind her and put my hands on her hips. She grinds her butt into my crotch bulge, making my painfully restrained cock even harder. I slide my hands up and fondle her breasts while I hump her crack through our pants.

On the bed, Henry is hammering Charles. Their groans and slapping sounds of flesh on flesh commingle with the noises from the TV. "Fuck!" Sammy moans. "Fuck me!"

"Does that mean pants down?" I move my hands back down to her waist and reach for her belt.

"Yes." Sammy stiffens and looks around wildly. "But not here. Not when Fritzie could walk in and see us." She grabs my hand. "Come on."

"I'm gonna shoot!" Henry gasps, slamming his cock up Charles' ass. Sammy hesitates at the bedroom door, then goes back and grabs a plastic squeeze bottle of lube. She leads me down the hall to a closed door.

Sammy opens the door, pulls me inside, and closes the door behind us. In the dim light through the drawn curtains, I can tell it's another bedroom. "I don't think we're supposed to be here."

"Probably not," Sammy answers. "But, it's private."

"What if someone comes in and finds us?"

"You want to fuck or not?"

"Well, since you put it that way." I take Sammy in my arms and kiss her roughly. She kisses me back, hard and dirty, more like a man than a woman.

Like the back bedroom, this room has its own bathroom. We go inside, close the door, and turn the lights on. "That's better," I say. "I want to see you."

"Good." She reaches for the top button of her white man's shirt. "I want you to see me." She undoes the buttons from top to bottom in one smooth motion. "All of me." She pulls her shirt open, displaying her firm medium-sized breasts. She's not wearing a bra. Her large nipples are set in broad areolas. "You like this?" She arches her back, thrusting her breasts forward, while she removes her shirt and sets it on the counter. "Am I as sexy as a boy?"

"You sure are." I strip my tee-shirt off and drop it on top of Sammy's shirt. "Bare chests are sexy anyway. Yours is exceptional." I admire her breasts briefly. They fit her body perfectly. "But don't take my word for it." I look pointedly down at the immense bulge in my jeans.

She smiles. "It is kinda easy to tell with guys." She takes her shoes and socks off, followed by her Dockers, leaving her naked, except for tight-fitting boyshorts. "Girls' pussies get wet and our nipples get hard, but that's not so obvious."

"Obvious enough." I kiss her firmly on the lips and then move down to her breasts—licking and kissing their firm flesh and sucking her nipples, feeling them swell between my compressed lips.

Sammy moans softly and reaches down to stroke my stiff pole through my stretched blue jeans. "My nipples are a lot harder now. And my pussy's wet, too." She grabs my hand and places it between her legs. The crotch of her boyshorts is wet. Not damp. Wet. "You feel?"

"Oh yeah!" Somehow, my cock, cruelly trapped in my jeans, gets even harder.

"You're still half-dressed," Sammy says. "I'm almost naked." She unfastens my belt and opens my fly. I've gone commando and my suddenly-freed cock snaps up. "Oh my!" She curls her fingers around my stiff pole. "I guess we're even now."

"Yeah." I press my palm against Sammy's crotch and crook my middle finger, running it up and down the wet cloth covering her slit. "Half dressed and playing with each others' junk."

"We could be less dressed." Sammy guides my hands to her boyshorts' waistband. I pull them down. She steps out of them and kicks them away. "Like that." She pulls my jeans down. I finish taking them off. Then, we embrace. Naked.

"You know how to handle a woman," Sammy purrs. "Have you had many?"

"No. Only a couple." I'd lost my virginity to a girl my age. Naturally, she'd been a tomboy. She'd been the aggressive one. Fortunately, we'd used condoms. My second woman had been a married lady in her mid-20s, with a long-haul trucker husband, two kids, and an insatiable sex drive. She'd taught me almost everything I know about sex with women.

"Well, you're still ahead of me." For the first time, Sammy sounds nervous. "I've never been with a boy. I mean, kissing and feeling, sure. And a couple hand jobs and stuff. But, I never let any of them put his dick in me."

"What do you want to do?" I asked. We've both been drinking and lowering our inhibitions. "A quickie in a bathroom where somebody could walk in and catch us isn't the ideal way to give up your virginity."

"Maybe it's not ideal. But, you're the man I want. And I want you now. So this is the right time and place."

"We could arrange another time. I've got a nice apartment. Private. Wine, candlelight, soft music—"

"I'm ready now." Sammy sinks to her knees and takes my stiff dick in her mouth.

Sammy's a good cocksucker. She strokes my stiff shaft and kneads my balls while clamping her lips around my corona and swirling her tongue over my cock-head's tightly stretched skin.

"Oh yeah." I run my fingers through her short hair. "That's really good."

She lets my dick slip out of her mouth. "It gets better." She slides her hand up my shaft and grips my flaring cock-head between her thumb and index finger, then kisses and licks my balls. Finally, she takes one ball and then the other into her mouth and lashes it with her tongue.

Sammy lets my balls go and comes back to my rock-hard cock. She takes it in her mouth and bobs over its swollen head and shaft. I roll my hips slowly. She sucks and strokes my rigid pole in time with my hip motions.

I go faster. Soon, I'm fucking her face, driving in and out of her mouth while holding the back of her head. Women aren't supposed to like that, but it's getting Sammy even more excited.

The tension in my balls is reaching the boiling point. I pull my throbbing cock out of her mouth, just before I explode.

"That was fun." Sammy stands up and kisses me passionately. Then, she bends over the counter and sticks her shapely butt out. She grins at me in the mirror. "Now, fuck me. I don't want to be gone too long. Fritzie will wonder where I am."

I step up behind Sammy. "You brought the lube, but no condoms. Does that mean—"

"Yeah." Sandy reaches back and pulls her butt cheeks open, showing me her little pink puckered hole. "Fuck my ass. I want to feel you come inside me."

"Okay." I lubricate my index finger and press its tip into Sammy's asshole. She purrs and arches her back. I push my finger forward. It slips in easily, all the way to my curled knuckles. I work it in and out a few times, then pull it out, add more lube, and stick it back in.

"Come on," Sammy says. "I'm ready. I haven't had a real cock inside me, but there have been fingers and dildos."

I smear lube on my stiff cock. "I wish we had more time."

"This is the perfect first time for me," Sammy says. "I like the danger. I know that's weird, but . . . Never mind. Just fuck me. Fuck my ass. Now."

I push my cock-head into the center of her puckered hole. She moans as I stretch her anal muscles. "You okay?"

"Sure." She rocks back, driving my cock-head through her anal ring and into her depths. "Now, fuck me. Fuck me like I'm a man."

"Taking a dick up your ass is butch as hell." I draw back and then push forward.

"Come on." Sammy braces herself with one hand on the counter and slips the other hand between her legs. "Fuck me hard."

"All right." I grip Sammy's waist to hold her steady and pound her ass, pulling almost out and then driving home, making a loud slapping noise as my pelvis slams into her buttocks.

"Oh fuck yeah!" Sammy gasps, fingering her pussy frantically. "Hammer my ass."

The cum boiling in my nuts is approaching the bursting point. "I'm getting close . . ."

"Oh yeah," Sammy says. "Shoot it. Shoot your big hot load—" She screams as I slam her ass, pumping a hard hot jet into her depths. She keeps screaming, coming over and over as I pound her ass, shooting with each rough thrust.

We finally finish. Sammy and I cuddle briefly, then get cleaned up, dress, and rejoin the party. Fritzie is still talking to the fashion queens. She hasn't missed Sammy. In the back bedroom, three new men are on the bed. The middle one is fucking the front man's ass while the last man butt fucks the middle man. I watch for a while and then wander away.

It's time to hit the road. I've had a great afternoon. And Sammy and I have each others' phone numbers.

* * *

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