The General's Kid

The General trains his straight teenage recruit.

Erik ("Red") Jackson pounded along the trail, struggling to keep pace with The General.

It was hard—with straining muscles, laboring lungs, and a racing heart—but easier than it had been a month ago, when he'd started working out and running with his boss. It was embarrassing . . . and challenging . . . that a man almost 30 years older than Red could run circles around him.

The General was a big imposing black man—6' 4" and 240 pounds of bulging muscles with rugged features and tightly-cropped black hair graying at the temples. His real name was Marc Cross and he was openly gay. He'd joined the Army right after graduating from college with degrees in Computer Science and Information systems. He'd retired after 20 years with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel to start Fort Cross Consulting, a software consulting firm.

Three weeks after Red had started work, The General had invited him to join his daily workouts. "It's tough getting in shape," he'd said. "Especially at first. Everything worth doing is tough."

"But, you'll be healthier, have more energy, and focus better." The General had moved in for the kill. "And you'll be even sexier. Your girlfriend will love that."

"Yes sir," Red had answered. That was his response to all The General's commands. They were frequently phrased as suggestions or requests, but they were unquestionably commands.

Red liked obeying The General's commands. He was inspiring, rather than domineering. Red wouldn't . . . couldn't . . . disappoint him by doing less than his best.

"Come on, Kid," The General said as they reached the last mile of the course. "Let's put on some speed." He grinned and started to pull away.

"Yes Sir!" Red barked, using most of his breath as he urged his aching legs forward, barely keeping up.

The endorphins kicked in, sending a wave of pleasure through Red's body. It was like an orgasm that just kept going . . . and going . . .

The General saw it and smiled approvingly. "That's right, Troop. Pour it on."

Hearing the word "Troop" felt even better than the runner's high. The General usually addressed Red as "Kid," but called him "Recruit" on the rare occasions when he'd done something exceptionally well. Glowing, he increased his speed, briefly passing The General.

"Yeah! Work that sexy ass!" The General slapped Red's butt playfully as he moved up beside him.

Startled by the sudden stinging pain, Red ran even faster. The General matched his pace, shouting "Go Kid, go! You're looking good!"

* * *

Red had gotten used to The General's teasing. It had started on his first day at Fort Cross Consulting. He was 18 and had just graduated from high school. This was his first full-time job.

Della Rhodes, The General's administrative assistant, was pregnant with her second child and had quit to be a full-time mother. She'd come in to go over his job responsibilities. There was a lot of detailed paperwork, but it was well organized.

Della had taken off, leaving Red alone with The General, who'd come in part way through the training session. They'd never met in person. He'd hired Red after a Zoom interview and his physical presence was overwhelming. Next to him, Red felt like a child.

"Well, it's just you and me, Kid." The General had relaxed his military bearing and sat on the edge of Red's desk. He was dressed informally, in black sneakers, dark slacks, and a sports shirt.

Red had remained standing ramrod straight, facing The General. "Yes sir."

The General's lips had twisted upward in a slight smile. "At ease, Kid." He raised his hand to his brow in an ironic three-fingered Boy Scout salute. "This isn't the Army. Just call me 'Marc.'"

"Yes sir . . ." Red had felt his face grow hot. "Uh . . . Marc."

The General had examined Red, taking in his young body under his Men's Warehouse suit and dress shoes. "We're not formal here. We have consultants and clients come by occasionally, but we're usually the only ones in the office."

"Uh . . . Yes sir . . . er, Marc." Red could only think of Marc Cross as "The General."

"Lose the suit." The General had crossed his arms in front of his chest and looked at Red expectantly.

"Uh, now . . . Marc?" He had a sudden vision of himself standing in front of The General in his dress shoes and underwear, exposed and vulnerable.

The General had been silent for a few seconds and then shook his head slowly. "Just the coat and tie . . . for now." His smile had broadened. "Wear something casual tomorrow. Something a little tight. You've got a nice body and you should show it off."

Red had smiled self-consciously and said, "Thank you." It had been a struggle to keep from adding "Sir."

"You're a good kid, Erik." The General had frowned briefly. "Erik is too formal. Do you have a nickname?"

"No sir."

The General had chuckled. "All right. I'm going to call you 'Red.'"

"Yes sir. Uh . . . Why sir?" Red was sure he was blushing again.

"It just suits you." The General had stood up. "And speaking of suits . . . "

"Yes sir." Red had removed his coat and tie and hung them in the office closet.

The General had nodded approvingly. "That's better." He'd started to turn away, but then looked back at Red. "Do you have a girlfriend?"

"Uh . . . Yes sir. Her name is Kenzie." They'd been dating for a year and she'd taken his virginity a couple of months ago.

"She's a lucky woman. She's got a real stud for a boyfriend." Without waiting for an answer, The General had gone into his private office and closed the door.

Red had looked at the closed door for a long minute, then shook his head, sat down at his new desk, and stared blankly at the computer monitor, overwhelmed by his first meeting with his new boss.

It had seemed like The General had been flirting with him, but that was silly. There was no way a big sexy gay man like him would be interested in an awkward 18-year-old straight boy . . .

* * *

The teasing had become more intimate after he'd started working out with The General.

The General lived in a 4,000 square foot two-story stone house in a new subdivision. An American flag and a rainbow gay pride flag flew on tall poles in the front yard. The Fort Cross Consulting office and The General's private gym were on the second floor of the semi-detached four-car garage.

Red had felt awkward and self-conscious the first time he and The General had changed clothes in the gym's dressing room.

The General had stripped quickly and efficiently. Red had never been interested in the other boys in the school locker rooms, but he couldn't help staring at the heavily muscled black giant. His soft cock was the biggest Red had ever seen, almost as thick as Red's wrist and stretching halfway down his muscular thighs.

Red had taken his shoes, tee-shirt, and blue jeans off, but left his boxer shorts on to hide his partial erection. "No, Kid," The General had said as Red was reaching for his exercise shorts. "You don't want your balls bouncing while we run." He'd watched as Red had removed his boxers and picked up his jockstrap. "And your girlfriend doesn't want your family jewels getting banged up, either."

"No." Red had been painfully aware of his swelling pole and had been sure he was blushing again. "I guess not." He'd turned away from The General, hiding his half-hard penis as he put his jockstrap on.

"Damn, Kid!" The General had said. "You've got a pretty butt. I bet your girlfriend can't keep her hands off those sexy cheeks."

Blushing furiously, Red had turned to face The General, holding his gym shorts in front of his straining jockstrap. "No sir! . . . Ur . . . I mean, 'Yes sir.' She does like to grab my ass."

The General had grinned. "That's the spirit . . . Recruit!" He'd put his jockstrap on, twisting his body to give Red long views of his crotch and butt.

Red had put his gym shorts on while The General's back was turned. It had been a relief to be dressed again, although he'd stayed constantly aware of his boss's overpowering masculinity.

Over the next days and weeks, The General had guided Red through the gym's machines and through their daily runs, pushing him to his limits. At first, his muscles had ached, he'd been exhausted, and he'd gone in every day vowing to quit. But, he couldn't let The General . . . or himself . . . down that way.

And then, something had changed. The workouts hadn't become easier. Instead, The General had made them more challenging . . . and meeting those challenges had become infinitely more satisfying.

Red had been embarrassed the first few times with The General in the gym's group shower. Mercifully, the ebony giant had ignored Red's swollen member and concentrated on soaping, rinsing, and drying his own sculpted body.

Then, Red had learned to relax, no longer popping boners while standing beside The General in the streams of hot water from the little room's twin shower heads. Not too often, anyway.

When it had happened, The General had pretended he didn't notice, although his cock had sometimes gotten bigger when he and Red had looked at each other's naked bodies.

Red was straight! He absolutely wasn't attracted to The General. Not sexually. But, it was hard to resist staring at the big naked black stud's rugged features, imposing arms, legs, and chest, sculpted buttocks, and especially his intimidating cock.

And the gay giant certainly paid attention to Red's nude body, squeezing his arms, legs, and butt and commenting on his improved muscle tone. "You're a sexy young stud," he'd always say. "And you look good naked. Really good."

Red had enjoyed the praise, but it had also made him feel shy and embarrassed. Blushing, he'd answer, "Thank you sir!"

That had always made The General grin. He'd pat Red's butt and say, "You're a good Kid."

* * *

Red and The General reached the end of the course and slowed to a walk. Red's heart hammered in his chest and his chest burned like fire, but he was pleased at how quickly he recovered. He'd been totally trashed after their first few runs.

"Damn, Kid!" The General put his hand on Red's butt, leaving it there longer than usual. "You were hot today. Fucking hot!"

"Uh . . ." Red glowed with pleasure. "Thank you sir!"

Back at The General's house, they showered and rinsed off, then stood in the hot spray, letting the water sluice over their bodies.

The General moved behind Red and kneaded his shoulders. Red couldn't see him, but he sensed the big man's erection.

"You've gotten so fucking sexy!" The General slid his hands down to Red's waist. "I bet your girlfriend jumps your bones every night."

That was true. Kenzie couldn't get enough of the stronger more confident man he'd become, dragging him to bed for long hours of passionate sex, thrashing and screaming as Red fucked her to climax after climax before emptying the cum from his boiling balls into her convulsing pussy.

Flustered by his sudden boner, Red answered, "Yes sir. Thank you sir."

Red gasped in surprise when The General plastered his body against Red's back and nestled his hard-on between Red's butt cheeks. "Time to stop teasing," he growled.

"Sir?" Red's stiff cock grew even harder.

"You've been flirting ever since you started work." The General wrapped a big hand around Red's stiff rod. "I've had enough of you playing dumb. Tell me what you want."

Red was startled. He'd been fascinated with The General's athletic body and oversized cock, but he was straight! Sure he liked being admired by a super-masculine gay man, but he hadn't been flirting . . . Had he?

He was so fucking horny! Even more horny than red-hot Kenzie had ever made him. The General's massive log stretched along his crack while the gay man's big hand caressed his cock and balls . . .

Red turned around and faced The General. "I want to suck your cock." He couldn't believe he'd just said that.

The General grinned. He turned the showers off, then put his hands on Red's shoulders and pushed him to his knees. "Go for it, Kid."

Red had seen lots of cocks. Soft cocks in the school locker room which occasionally stiffened during horseplay in the shower. Hard cocks in porn videos. Most of the porn video cocks had been big, but none of them had been as long and thick as the mighty rod rising from The General's crotch.

He stared at the massive chocolate pole jutting from The General's tightly-curled pubic thatch with a mixture of awe and fear. Towering above the big black bodybuilder's smoothly-shaved balls, it resembled a redwood tree, with a flaring helmet head and bulging veins.

"Yes sir." Red extended a cautious hand and curled its fingers around The General's rigid pole. They didn't quite close around its girth. He slid his fingers up its shaft to its broad head, marveling at the hardness under its yielding flesh. It didn't feel like touching his own cock, but it was sexy as hell.

Scared and excited, Red leaned forward and stretched his mouth over The General's swollen knob. He'd crossed a line. He was still straight, but now he'd become a straight cocksucker. His compressed lips slid over The General's dick-head, taking it and the first inches of his oversized shaft into his mouth.

The cock filling his mouth was amazing! He could lick its knob a little, but that was it. He drew back and clamped his lips around the groove between The General's shaft and bulb, then swirled his tongue over the big stud's cock-head while stroking his shaft.

"That's right!" The General's bass rumble echoed off the shower room's tile walls. "Polish my knob." He gasped and ran his fingers through Red's hair as Red probed his cum-slit with the tip of his tongue.

Red let the big log slip out of his mouth and looked up at The General. "You like that, Sir?"

"Uh huh! Did your girlfriend teach you that?"

"Yes Sir!" Red lowered his head and kissed the tip of The General's cock-head. "And a lot more."

"Like what?"

"There's this." Red gripped The General's knob between his thumb and forefinger and licked down his shaft to his hairless balls.

The General growled as Red kissed and licked his balls, taking one and then the other into his mouth, sucking it hard and lashing it with his tongue while tickling his taint and running a teasing finger up and down his butt crack.

"Man! That's good." The General gripped his shaft and guided his cock-head between Red's lips. "I bet your girlfriend didn't teach you how to deep throat."

The General grabbed the sides of Red's head to hold it still and thrust his oversized cock into his mouth. He rolled his hips, starting out slowly but quickly speeding up. Red squeezed The General's balls and stroked his shaft while sucking his driving rod. It was like riding a wild horse, terrifying and sexy as hell.

"Damn!" The General gasped. "You're a great cocksucker." He fucked Red's face roughly, going faster and pushing in deeper.

Red hadn't touched his own cock, but it was throbbing when The General groaned and sent a hard hot shot of cum blasting the back of his throat. The next shots hit Red's tongue, filling his mouth with the big black stud's gamy male taste. He gulped frantically, trying to swallow all of it.

The General finally ran out of cum. He stopped thrusting and held still, stroking Red's hair while Red kissed and sucked his cock.

"Fuck!" The General pulled his still-stiff dick out of Red's mouth. "That was good." He looked down at Red's hard-on and laughed. "I guess you liked it, too."

"Yes sir." Red could still taste the big man's cum. "It was great."

The General pulled Red to his feet, plastered his body against Red's, and kissed him. It was a man kiss: rough, aggressive, primal, terrifying . . . And intensely arousing. Hard and dirty. Nothing like the restrained kisses Kenzie required.

They kissed for a long time, open-mouthed with battling tongues, while rubbing stiff cocks and fondling each other's buttocks. The General slid a thick finger between Red's butt cheeks and pressed its tip into his anus. Red moaned and humped his stiff dick against The General's big fat hard pole. He was close to coming when the big black stud pushed him away.

"You didn't come." The General led Red across the bathroom and bent him over the counter.

"No sir." Red braced himself with his hands on the counter and looked at The General's reflection in the mirror. "Are you going to fuck me Sir?"

"Is that what you want?"

"Yes sir." Red took a deep breath, trying to relax. "Just take it easy, okay? This is my first time with a man."

"Oh?" The General sounded surprised. "Your first time getting buttfucked? Or your first time, period."

"You're the first man I've had sex with, Sir."

"Wow!" The General reached between Red's legs and fondled his stiff cock and tight balls. "You're a fucking hot virgin!"

"Yes sir! Are you going to fuck my ass, Sir?"

"You bet I am, Kid." The General sank to his knees behind Red. "But there's something else first." He put his hands on Red's butt cheeks and pulled them apart.

Red's cock jerked when The General's hot breath struck his asshole. "Yes Sir," he whispered.

The General kneaded Red's buttocks while licking up and down his crack, gradually approaching his puckered hole.

"Oh yes Sir!" Red moaned and squirmed as The General's flat tongue stroked his asshole. It was hot, wet, and insistent, sending firebolts of sexual energy through his body.

"You like that . . . Recruit?"

Red nodded. "Uh Huh!"

"Tell me you want it, Kid," The General growled. "Tell me exactly what you want."

"Yes Sir." Red didn't like talking dirty, but he forced the words out. "Please eat my ass. Sir!"

"All right . . . Recruit!" The General put his fingertips around the edges of Red's anal ring and pulled it open, then thrust his tongue into Red's depths.

Red ground his butt into The General's face as the big man tongue-fucked his asshole. He hadn't touched his rock-hard cock, but he was close to coming. "Fuck me, Sir," he begged. "Fuck my ass. Please!"

"You got it, Troop." The General stood up and patted Red's butt, then opened a drawer under the counter and took out a little squeeze bottle of lube.

Red watched in the mirror as The General put a big blob of lubricant on his fingertip and reached for his ass. Red's stiff cock jerked as The General's finger touched his butthole. The lube on his fingertip felt cold, but warmed up as the black stud rubbed his finger over Red's anus.

The General put more lube on his finger and pressed its tip into the center of Red's asshole. Red moaned and pushed back as the finger slid all the way up his butt. "Oh yeah!" he gasped as The General worked his finger in and out of Red's virgin hole.

Red rocked his hips while The General fingered his asshole, occasionally pulling out and adding more lube. His anal muscles relaxed and The General added a second finger, crossed with the first. He twisted his wrist while moving his fingers in and out, distributing the lubricant evenly.

"Oh God!" Red's cock throbbed and he moaned when The General uncrossed the two fingers in his ass, stretching his tight anal ring wider. It hurt, but not nearly as badly as he'd feared.

The General fingered Red's asshole more aggressively, eventually adding a third finger. "Ready for my cock?"

"Yes Sir!" Red was scared, but determined to go on. "Please fuck my ass, Sir!"

"Okay." The General pulled his fingers out of Red's butt, lubricated his oversized pole, and pressed its head into Red's butthole.

"Fuck!" Red gasped as The General's flaring cock-head opened his asshole. It hurt, but felt good, too. Way better than jacking off. Even better than fucking Kenzie's pussy.

"You're doing good, Troop." The General pushed in slowly and carefully, gradually stretching Red's anal ring. When he tensed up, the big black stud stopped and drew back slightly, letting Red relax before going deeper.

Pleasure and pain fought as The General went deeper, stretching Red's asshole. He went in a little too far and Red gasped. The General stopped instantly. "Doin' all right there, Troop?"

"Yes sir." Red summoned his courage and thrust his buttocks backward, driving The General's rod into his overstretched hole.

Blinding pain shot through his body. He screamed and tried to jerk away.

The General gripped Red's hips, holding him still. "At ease, Troop. You want to stop?"

"No sir!" Red took deep breaths, feeling the pain gradually recede as his anal muscles adjusted to the giant cock-head pressing through his anal ring. "I want your big hard cock up my ass."

"You're a tough Kid," The General said. "You can take it." He pulled his dick out of Red's butt, slathered it with lubricant, and pressed its wide helmet-head into Red's pucker. "Work that sexy butt, Troop."

The General held still, gripping Red's waist to steady him as he rocked his butt slowly and carefully, gradually forcing the black giant's broad cock-head through his anal ring. It hurt a lot, but also sent an overwhelming sexual charge running through his body, spurring him on.

"You like that, Kid?" The General swung his hips in time with Red's slow motion, pushing his giant pole deeper into Red's butthole.

"Oh yes Sir. Please give me your big—" Red screamed in surprise, pain, and overwhelming pleasure as The General's giant cock slipped through his tense anal ring and slid all the way up his overstretched asshole, stopping with his bulging balls pressed against Red's butt cheeks.

"Damn, Troop," The General growled. "You've got a great asshole. So hot and tight . . ." He drew back and then pushed forward, sending another wave of pleasure through Red's body. It hurt, but only a little. "Perfect for my big black cock."

"Yes Sir! Fuck me Sir!" Red's stiff dick jerked as The General worked his mammoth pole in and out of his asshole. The pain dissipated as he fucked Red harder and faster, bouncing his balls against the straight kid's buttocks.

The tension in Red's balls built as The General rolled his hips, driving his plunging pole deep into Red's ass.

"I'm getting close, Troop." The big man locked eyes with Red in the mirror. "You want me to come?" Red nodded. The General said, "I can't hear you, Kid. Tell me how you want me to come."

"Shoot your big black cock, Sir!" Red cried. "Up my asshole!"

"You got it, Troop." The General pounded him harder.

Red screamed as The General's first hard hot pulse of cum splashed his anal walls. "Yes Sir! Come in my ass, Sir!"

The big black stud rammed Red's ass, pumping more cum up his tight butt with each rough thrust. He finally stopped with his rigid pole buried deep in Red's ravaged butthole. "Your turn, Troop." He curled his hand, slick with lube, around Red's painfully hard cock.

The tension in Red's nuts built rapidly as The General jerked his throbbing pole while slow-fucking his cum-slick butthole. "Fuck Sir!" he gasped. "I'm gonna—" Cum fountained from his straining cock, sending long streamers of glistening fluid sailing through the air and splashing the mirror.

"That was great, Troop." The General pulled his stiff dick out of Red's hard-fucked asshole and slapped his butt playfully, then stepped away. "You've got the best butt in the unit."

"Yes Sir!" Red straightened up and turned to face The General, staring at his still-hard cock, which gleamed with lube and cum. "Uh . . . Thank you Sir!" He was stunned by the intensity of the sex they'd just had.

They showered and then got dressed. Red stopped at the door, wondering what to say.

The General just grinned. "See you at work tomorrow."

* * *

Author's note: This story is based on a request from "Erik." Thanks, Kid.