Gay Hitchhiker

Chapter One from Long Hard Riders 2

Teen Stud Gets the Ride of His Life

"Hoo Boy!" Fox Collins exclaimed. "Look at him!"

"Finest kind!" Virgil Red Hawk agreed. "Best piece of male ass we've seen in a racoon's age."

Fox and Virgil were riding in Virgil's pickup. Fox's vehicle was stored in his ex-wife's barn in Deer Tick. They were both big rugged cowboys in their mid 40s. Nether was good looking, but they both possessed an irresistible male sexual magnetism. Fox had ragged brown hair, with a few days of dark beard stubble. Virgil was three months older, with long straight hair—black shot with silver—tied in a pony tail that ran halfway down his back.

It was early morning and they'd just crossed the state line and were about 250 miles from the Triple-R ranch in the Rugged Mountains. They were going back to work there after spending a month in Texas.

The hitchhiker was standing beside the Pikestaff city limits sign with his thumb out and a big travel pack at his feet. He was a tall thin bodybuilder in his late teens with long flowing blond hair, blue eyes, and full lips, dressed only in sneakers, a tight tank top, and sprayed-on blue jean cutoffs that flaunted his big cock and bulging balls.

"Oh man!" Fox groaned. "We gotta get us some of that!" He put his hand on Virgil's thigh and slid it up to the bulge in his crotch.

"You bet your ass we're gonna." Virgil was already putting on the brakes and steering the pickup onto the shoulder.

As soon as the truck stopped, Fox got out, grinning at the hitchhiker. "Howdy, cutie," he said in his broad Texas accent. "Y'all lookin' for a ride."

The blond teenager returned Fox's grin while looking the cowhand over, letting his gaze linger on the bulge in his jeans. "What kind of ride are you talking about, cowboy?"

Fox planted his feet widely apart and hooked his thumbs in his pockets with his index fingers pointing at his crotch. "I figure we can take you where you want to go."

"I bet you can." The kid's grin widened. "I'm headed for Cranfills Gap." That was 50 miles this side of Deer Tick. "But I wouldn't mind a detour."

"I figured that," Fox said. "Throw your pack in back and climb on in." He stared at the boy's ass as the kid bent over and picked up his pack. "You can ride in the middle."

"Great." The teen set his knapsack in the pickup bed, then climbed into the truck and slid to the middle of the bench seat. Fox got in after him and closed the door. Virgil gunned the engine and they took off with a roar. In a few minutes, they were in Frontier Forest, on a narrow two lane road winding through tall pine trees.

Fox's boner grew as he looked the kid over. His face was almost as pretty as a girl's while still being totally male, with three days of almost invisible blond beard stubble. "We got us a long drive." The sexy boy's leg was pressed into his thigh. "Might as well get to know each other."

The teen's smile reminded Fox of a call girl he and Virgil had hired in Reno. "Oh, we're going to do that." He increased the leg pressure on Fox.

"I'm Fox." He pointed to his partner, who had an even bigger hard-on than he did. "And this here's Virgil."

"Hi Fox. And Virgil." The kid put a hand on each man's thigh and smiled at the growing bulges in their jeans. "I'm Mickey."

"Pleased to meet you." Virgil spoke for the first time. "Whatcha doing in Cranfills Gap?" The town was basically a wide spot in the road with a few houses, a general store, and a gas station. The closest bar was in Deer Tick.

"My mom lives there. She's a freelance web designer and can work anywhere." Mickey tightened his grip on Fox's and Virgil's thighs. "We moved there at the beginning of the summer. She wanted to get me away from the 'bad influences' in Central City after she caught me in bed with the captain of the high school football team."

Virgil made a disgusted sound and shook his head. Fox said, "That must have been rough."

"Well, I miss my friends and the big city life," Mickey answered. "But, Mom didn't realize country folks are just as horny as city people. And even more aggressive about it."

"She sure didn't think it through," Fox said. "What are you doing hitchhiking?"

"I was visiting my cousins in Nashville." Mickey grinned. "One of the boys taught me about gay sex when we were in our early teens."

"That's a good start." Virgil winked at Fox. "Kinda like Fox and me here."

Mickey nodded. "I took the bus down, but decided to hitchhike back. Save a little money and maybe meet some people . . ."

"Did you?"

"Oh yeah! A soldier on his motorcycle, a rancher's son in a pickup, and a lady in a Cadillac. I spent last night with her at the Lincoln Log Cabins in Pikestaff."

"So you ride both sides of the trail?" Fox's ex-wife Christi was into women but still liked taking him to bed. Him and Virgil together.

"Yeah, but it's mostly guys. Men are less complicated." Mickey slid his hands up to Fox's and Virgil's crotches. "It's been a long time since I've had sex with two men." He rubbed their hard-ons through their tightly-stretched jeans. "And I've sure never had two hot cowboys at once."

"Well, that's gonna change." Virgil slowed down, put the truck into four-wheel drive, and turned onto an abandoned logging road. "Real soon."

As the truck rocked and rolled over the deeply rutted dirt and gravel road, Fox unfastened Mickey's cutoffs and took the hot teenager's cock out. Once freed, it swelled to full hardness. It was one of the biggest he'd ever seen, with a wide flaring plow-shaped head and bulging veins. "Man! You are fuckin' big!"

"Some folks have said that," Mickey admitted, rubbing Fox's and Virgil's cocks more aggressively. "But that soldier made my dick look like a little kid's pee-pee. "We spent the night in his tent, out in the woods. I've never had my asshole stretched so wide . . ."

Virgil turned off the rough road onto an even more rugged trail. They drove a couple hundred yards and then stopped in a little clearing. He shut the engine off and looked at Mickey. "You better be ready. You got me . . ." He looked over at Fox. ". . . and my buddy hotter'n a mink with its tail on fire." He reached into Mickey's open cutoffs and gripped his balls.

"Good!" Mickey lifted his butt off the bench seat, letting Fox pull his cutoffs down. "The sex with Lynn last night was great. She even liked it up the ass." He moaned and closed his eyes as Virgil kneaded his hairless balls while Fox stroked his shaft. "But, good as she was, that made me super-horny for a man." He opened his eyes. "Or two men."

"Then come on." Virgil released Mickey's balls and reached for the door handle. "We're wastin' time."

The three men got out of the truck. Virgil got a tarp out of the pickup bed and spread it on the ground.

Mickey stepped out of his cutoffs, but left his tank top and boots on. "I love cowboys." He unfastened Fox's belt, pulled his zipper down, and opened his fly, freeing his straining cock. "Big tough guys are so fuckin' sexy!" He curled his hand around Fox's shaft, clamped his lips around the wrangler's deep furrow, and swirled his tongue over the man's cock-head while stroking his swollen shaft.

"Oh man!" Fox groaned. "That is so good." The teenager was an amazing cocksucker. Better than most of the men he'd balled and way better than any of the women.

"Good for me, too." Mickey opened Virgil's jeans. "Wow! I haven't seen too many uncut cocks. He pushed Virgil's foreskin up and down a few times, covering and uncovering his knob, then swallowed his swollen pole.

"Sweet Jesus!" Virgil ran his fingers through Mickey's long blond hair and rolled his hips, slowly fucking the teenager's face. "You are fuckin' hot!"

"So are you guys." Mickey alternated between the two cowboys, sucking and stroking their cocks, kneading their balls, and reaching between their legs to tickle their taints.

Virgil watched Mickey deep throating his cock, then looked at Fox. "Finest kind."

"Oh yeah!" Fox agreed. "Best we've had in a long time."

"I'm just getting started." Mickey turned Fox's and Virgil's bodies so they were facing each other and then knelt between them. He gripped both men's shafts and rubbed their knobs together while licking and kissing their cock-heads.

"Hoo Boy!" Fox growled. "We got the king of the cocksuckers here."

"Yes he is." Virgil pushed Mickey onto his hands and knees and knelt behind him. "I'll bet his ass is even better than his mouth." He pulled a squeeze bottle out of his jeans pocket, lubricated his rod and Mickey's ass, and then pushed his stiff dick up the teenager's butthole.

"Oh yeah!" Mickey gasped, rocking his hips in time with Virgil's slow thrusts. "Give me your big hard cowboy cock."

Fox stroked his hard-on while watching Virgil's rod sliding in and out of Mickey's muscular buttocks. He knew his partner was taking it easy because he didn't want to come too quickly. "Damn! That's a purty sight."

Mickey looked up at Fox beating his meat. "You're really pretty yourself, cowboy." He reached out and gripped Fox's swollen pole. "Come here."

Fox knelt in front of Mickey. "You want more cock, dontcha?"

"Oh yeah!" Mickey squeezed Fox's balls and stroked his shaft, rubbing his thumb and index finger over the horny cowboy's swollen cock-head and smearing the precum leaking from its tip. "Nothing like sucking a sexy stud's big hard cock while another man plows my butt."

Mickey bent forward and took Fox's broad cock-head in his mouth while pushing back harder against Virgil's sliding pole.

"Yeah, that's right," Fox growled. "Suck my cock while my partner fucks your ass." Mickey swirled his tongue over Fox's cock-head and then probed the big black bodybuilder's cum slit with the tip of his tongue. "Jesus!" Fox gasped. "You are one fine cocksucker!"

Mickey responded by sliding his hand down to the base of Fox's cock and swallowing its head and most of its upper shaft. He bobbed over the stiff pole while roughly kneading Fox's balls.

Fox alternated between staring at the excited kid working on his tool and watching Virgil's swollen pole driving in and out of the sexy teen's asshole. It was the hottest thing he'd seen since the twin brothers in Frisco . . .

He gripped the sides of Mickey's head to hold it still and rolled his hips, fucking the other man's face. Mickey groaned as he frantically sucked and jacked Fox's driving rod while rocking back in time with Virgil's rough thrusts.

Fox was close to coming when Mickey pushed him away. "No! I want to do something else."

"What?" Virgil looked disappointed, but stopped moving.

"Don't worry. You'll like it." Mickey stood up, pulling Virgil's cock out of his ass, and turned to face Fox and Virgil. "It's something I thought of when the soldier was fucking my butt. His dick was like a baseball bat . . ." He pointed at Virgil. "Lie on your back. I'm going to ride your cock."

"All right." Virgil lay on the tarp with his massive erection pointing skyward.

Mickey smeared more lube on Virgil's swollen pole, then coated his anus with the thick gel, straddled Virgil's thighs, and lowered his butt onto the man's big hard rod. He took it easily and rocked up and down like a cowboy riding a bucking bronco. "Yee Haw!"

Fox's cock was painfully hard as he watched Mickey and Virgil. "What about me? You gonna suck me some more?"

"Nope." Mickey grinned, looking slightly nervous. "I think I can take both your cocks."

"Up your ass? Both of us?" Fox had seen double anal penetration in porn videos, but it was one of the few sexual things he hadn't done for real.

"Yeah." Mickey stopped moving and bent forward, showing more of his sexy teen butt. "Let's try it."

"All right." Fox picked up the lube and knelt between Virgil's spread legs. His partner's oversized dick was already stretching Mickey's anus. He didn't see how the kid could also take his thick cock.

Time to find out. He greased his stiff rod thoroughly, gripped its shaft, and pressed its head into the narrow space between Virgil's pole and Mickey's anal ring.

Jesus! It was unbelievably tight! He'd never felt so much pressure on his cock-head. He wondered what it was like for the kid. It had hurt the first time he'd been buttfucked, but had also felt so good he'd wanted to keep going.

"God!" Mickey gasped. "That's big."

Fox's swollen knob was halfway inside Mickey's butthole. The kid moved and it slipped out completely. "Want me to stop?"

"No," Mickey answered. "Keep going."

"Okay." Fox pushed back in, holding his shaft tightly to keep his cock-head in position as he applied more pressure.

Mickey panted like he was running a marathon as Fox gradually went deeper. He slipped out a couple more times, but finally got his cock-head inside the teen's super-tight anal ring.

Another push and he was all the way inside Mickey's tight ass with his rod pressed against Virgil's swollen pole. It was way tighter than any asshole he'd ever fucked.

He held still, overwhelmed by the sensations. Then, he drew back slowly and carefully. He didn't want to slip out again. "You all right kid? Virgil?"

Mickey moaned softly, but nodded. Virgil growled, "Finest kind." Both men moaned as Fox pushed back in, still not quite believing they were doing this.

Fox fucked Mickey slowly, rubbing his cock against Virgil's as he moved in and out. There was too much pressure to go fast.

"God!" Mickey groaned. "I never . . ." He rolled his hips slowly, shifting the rods in his butt. "It's so good!"

Mickey's anal muscles relaxed—a little—and Fox fucked him faster, unbuttoning his shirt so he could watch his and Virgil's cocks moving inside the kid's asshole. "Damn kid!" he gasped. "I've never felt anything like this."

"Me either." Mickey rolled his hips in time with Fox's and Virgil's sliding rods. "Two dicks. Feels different from the soldier's cock. Getting stretched like this feels great."

"Pretty great for me, too." Fox pulled back a little too far and slipped out again. He grabbed his pole and guided it back up Mickey's butt. It want in easily this time.

Virgil said, "Finest kind! I've never fucked an ass like this before." He'd been holding still with his dick buried deep in Mickey's butthole while Fox moved. Now, he started thrusting, rubbing his cock aggressively against Fox's driving rod.

"Hoo Boy! This is so fuckin' hot." Fox went faster, pushing in while Virgil drew back and then reversing. The erotic heat generated by his cock rubbing the boy's tight ass and the man's long thick plunging pole was unbelievable. It was like coming with every rough thrust.

Suddenly, he was coming for real, sending hard pulses of cum up Mickey's ass. "God . . . Damn!" he whispered as his spent cock slipped out of the sexy teenager's butt. "That was the best . . ."

"My turn." Virgil lifted Mickey off his stiff pole and laid him on his back. He grabbed Mickey's ankles and lifted them up over his shoulders, spreading his legs in a wide Vee, then shoved his gigantic hard-on up the kid's butt and fucked him furiously.

"Fuck!" he gasped. "You've got such a hot tight asshole. I'm gonna—"

"That's right!" Mickey cried. "Shoot it! Shoot a big load up my butt!"

Virgil grunted as he hammered the teen's ass, coming hard as he slammed his pelvis against the boy's sculpted buttocks. He finally stopped moving and grinned at Mickey. "Hope you liked that. I sure as hell did."

"Oh yeah!" Mickey was grinning, too. "Finest kind."

Virgil laughed. His cock slipped out of Mickey's butt as he lowered the kid's legs and bent forward to kiss him. "You're still fuckin' hard." He curled his hand around Mickey's swollen pole. "Want me to get you off?"

"Oh, I'm gonna get off all right." Mickey pushed Virgil's hand away. "But not from a hand job . . ." He looked at Fox's cock, which was still rock hard, and then at Virgil's boner. "Bend over. Both of you."

"All right!" Virgil scrambled to his feet and stood beside Fox. "You ready, Boo?"

"You bet!" Fox answered. He and Virgil bent over and braced themselves with their hands on their knees.

"It's been a while since I've buttfucked a cowboy." Mickey lubricated his oversized erection. It was almost as big as that black guy in Vegas's cock. "The rancher's son was a total top. That was great, but now I'm ready for some cowboy ass." He pressed his broad plow-head into Fox's anal ring. "And I've got two sexy cowboys right here."

Fox's hard-on jerked as Mickey slammed his ass, driving his hot rod home and bouncing his balls against Fox's butt cheeks. It hurt a lot, but also felt great. "Damn!" Fox whispered. "That's fuckin' good." It had been a long time since he'd taken a cock as big as the blond teen stud's.

"It sure is, cowboy!" Mickey buttfucked Fox long and hard. When Fox was sure the kid was going to come, Mickey shifted to Virgil and rammed his ass just as roughly.

Fox and Virgil jacked each other's cocks while Mickey plowed their assholes, shifting from one cowboy to the other. "Oh Jesus!" Virgil groaned as cum fountained from his swollen pole, shooting through the air and splashing on the ground.

Mickey yanked his dick out of Virgil's ass and moved to Fox. Virgil fell to his knees in front of Fox and jerked his partner's throbbing pole. Fox came after a few seconds, shooting long streams of cum into Virgil's face as Mickey pumped boiling hot teen boy juice up his asshole.

"Man!" Mickey kissed Fox and then Virgil. "You two are fucking hot studs!"

"You're pretty fuckin' good yourself." Fox had a sudden idea. "We're heading for the Triple-R Ranch. All the cowboys there are gay. Y'all wanna come?"