Schooled By The Mountain Men

A short story adapted from Mountain Men 2

First Gay Anal In The Wilderness

It's hard to work when you're horny . . .

And Tom Prescott was super horny. He'd had a hard-on since he'd gotten lost in the Rugged Mountains and hooked up with Clint Hardwick. He wasn't into men . . . At least, he hadn't been until last night, when he'd sucked Clint's cock and then fucked his ass. That was the first time he'd had sex with a man.

Tangled in each others' arms after they'd come, with Tom's softening dick still buried in Clint's ass, Clint had kissed Tom passionately and then said, "I'm going to put my hot dog in your buns."

They'd gone to sleep and hadn't talked about it today. Now, it was late afternoon. Tom was helping Clint collect biological samples for the EPA. He couldn't stop thinking about last night—the excitement of sucking Clint's big hard cock and making him come, then fucking his asshole, which was way hotter and tighter than his girlfriend's pussy.

The thought of taking Clint's big hard cock up his virgin ass really scary. But, he also had this monster hard-on. It was the biggest boner he'd had since his first time—with his high school girlfriend in the back seat of his 1992 Ford Explorer.

Tom was in his mid-20s and built like a football player, with buzz-cut blond hair and three days of dark beard stubble. He was bent over, taking a soil sample, when hot hands cupped his buttocks. His stiff rod grew even harder, threatening to tear through his boxers and jeans.

"You're taking a chance." Clint ground his crotch bulge into Tom's crack. "Waving your ass at me like that."

"I'm not scared." Tom pushed his butt back against Clint's hard-on. Actually, he was terrified. His asshole was so tight that Clint's big hard cock would hurt . . . a lot. But, he was ready for Clint to pull his pants down and take him then and there.

"Sure you are." Clint reached around and rubbed Tom's stiff dick through his stretched jeans. "That's normal."

"You gonna do it now?" Tom's heart was pounding and it was hard to breathe.

"Is this how you want it?" Clint unfastened Tom's jeans and opened his fly, then reached into his boxers and gripped his hard cock. "For me to pull your pants down, bend you over, and stick my dick up your butt?"

"Yeah. Go ahead."

Clint stroked Tom's rigid pole and humped his ass crack through their jeans. Then, he pulled away and slapped Tom's butt, hard enough to sting. "Don't tease the animals."

Tom was relieved but also disappointed. "I wasn't teasing."

"I know." Clint patted Tom's butt affectionately and then bent forward to kiss the back of his neck. "But, I'm not ready." He turned Tom around and kissed him on the mouth, tenderly but then aggressively.

"Fuck," Tom moaned, rubbing his hard-on against the big bulge in Clint's jeans.

Clint was in his late 20s, tall, slender, and rawhide tough, with weatherbeaten features, collar-length black hair and a short black beard. He laughed and pushed Tom away. "Oh, you're gonna get fucked all right." He looked to the west, where the sinking sun had almost reached the tree line. "But, we've got a job to finish." It would be dark in another 45 minutes. "So, pull your pants up and let's get going."

They went back to work, collecting the last samples and putting the equipment away, finishing just before dark. Then, they built a fire and cooked supper.

After cleaning up, they sat in front of the fire, passing Clint's bottle of Jack Daniels and talking about the research project. Clint said, "I've got a proposition—"

"I've already said 'yes.'" Tom took the bottle from Clint and took a long drink.

Clint laughed. "Not that proposition." He reclaimed the Jack Daniels. "You're a good research assistant. Way better than the last couple, even though they had degrees. I can get you a job, if you want it."

"Uh . . ." Tom was startled. He loved the outdoors and felt trapped in the city, with a dead-end job and a girlfriend who'd lost interest in sex. Was he ready for that big a change?

"Don't worry." Clint squeezed Tom's thigh affectionately. "Just think about it. There's no hurry." He slid his hand up to the bulge in Tom's jeans. "And we've got some other business . . ." He traced Tom's erection through the tightly-stretched cloth. "Urgent business." He stood up, took Tom's hand, and led him to the tent.

Clint turned on the LED camp light and started the catalytic heater. As usual for the mountains, the temperature had fallen sharply after sunset. The little unit quickly drove the chill away. "Get out of those clothes," Clint said. "I'm gonna fuck you now."

"Oh yeah." Tom wasn't afraid any more. He and Clint stripped hastily, then Tom lay on his back and folded his knees against his chest, lifting his butt. "Come on. I'm ready for your big hard cock."

"Good." Clint ran his index finger up and down Tom's butt crack. "I've been fantasizing about your sexy ass since you walked into my camp."

Tom's stiff cock jerked as Clint's sliding finger teased his anus. "I never thought a man would get me hot. But, you sure do."

"I'm glad." Clint spread a line of lube on his index finger. "You're such a stud." He rubbed his slick finger over Tom's pucker in slow circles, gradually approaching its center.

Tom gasped when Clint's finger slid up his asshole. It hurt—a little—but also stoked the fire in his straining crotch. "Fuck!"

"You like that?" Clint fingered Tom roughly, sending jolts of pleasure through his body.

"Oh yeah!" Tom rolled his hips, moving his butt in time with Clint's sliding finger. "It's great!"

Clint pulled his finger out of Tom's asshole, added more lube, and slipped it back inside, twisting his wrist to distribute the lubricant evenly.

Clint added his middle finger, crossed with his index finger, and worked the pair in and out of Tom's ass. It hurt more than before, but increased the tension building in his nuts.

Tom reached past his straining cock and tight balls and grabbed Clint's wrist. "Fuck me now. I'm ready for you."

"All right." Clint smeared lube on his stiff pole and pressed its head into the center of Tom's puckered hole. "Here it comes."

"Oh God!" Tom gasped as Clint's broad cock-head stretched his anus. It was bigger than his crossed fingers, opening him wider . . . increasing the pressure . . .

"Ow!" Tom screamed at the sudden flash of pain and tried to jerk away.

Clint grabbed Tom's hips, holding him in place. "It's okay." He drew back slightly and held still, looking down at Tom. "Just relax. You'll be all right."

The pain faded after a few seconds. "Go on," Tom said. His heart raced and sweat beaded his skin. "I want your cock." And he did. As badly as he'd wanted his high school girlfriend's pussy that night in his Explorer's back seat.

"I'll take it easy." Clint pushed forward slowly and carefully, stopping when Tom cried out in pain. "Jack off. That'll help."

Tom stroked his swollen pole while Clint's oversized cock-head stretched his anal muscles, drawing back when Tom tensed up and then going in deeper. Tom had never felt such a weird mixture of pain and pleasure. "Oh fuck!" he moaned, thrusting his butt toward Clint.

He screamed in pain and surprise as Clint's swollen knob popped through his tight anal ring and his big hard rod plunged into his depths. "Damn!" He jerked his hand away from his throbbing cock. He didn't want to come so quickly, like he had with his girlfriend.

Clint held still with his long hard dick buried in Tom's ass. "You all right?"

Tom blinked away tears. "Yeah. Now." The pain had faded to a distant memory. He tightened his ass muscles around Clint's long thick pole and then relaxed them again. "I've never felt anything like this." He rolled his hips, shifting Clint's cock inside him.

"Your butt's really tight." Clint pulled partway out and then pushed back in, moving slowly and carefully, sending overpowering waves of pleasure through Tom's body.

"Virgin tight?" The tension in Tom's throbbing cock had receded—a little—but he was still close to the edge.

Clint fucked Tom with long cautious strokes, drawing back until his cock-head was just inside Tom's tense anal ring and then sliding back into his depths, stopping with his balls pressed against Tom's buttocks. "I haven't had many virgins. In fact, you're the first."

"Lucky me." Tom relaxed his ass muscles slightly and rolled his hips, encouraging Clint to go faster.

"Lucky us." Clint gripped Tom's knees and rocked them in time with his rough thrusts, driving deeper into Tom's ass. "You're a great fuck."

"This is so good," Tom said. "I never imagined—" He gasped when Clint's cock slipped out of his ass.

Clint gripped his shaft and guided his cock-head back between Tom's buttocks. After a moment of resistance, his knob slipped through Tom's tight anal ring. "You okay?"

"I'm fine," Tom answered. "It didn't hurt this time." He swung his butt up, driving Clint's rod deep into his asshole. "Fuck me hard. I'm ready for you now."

"Oh yeah. I'm gonna fuck the hell out of you." Clint pounded Tom's ass, drawing back and then slamming home, slapping his pelvis against Tom's buttocks.

The tension in Tom's nuts built rapidly. "Oh God!" he gasped. "I'm getting so fucking close . . ." He grabbed his throbbing pole and stroked it in time with Clint's hammer blows.

"Got a big load for you." Clint thrust harder and faster. "For your tight virgin ass." Hard hot jets of cum splashed Tom's anal walls.

"Fuck yeah!" Tom cried. "Shoot it!" Cum fountained from his straining cock, splashing his chest and face, while Clint pounded his ass, shooting more hot juice with each rough thrust.

Finally spent, Tom and Clint collapsed, tangled in each other's arms.

Clint asked, "Have I spoiled you for women yet?" His cock—only slightly softened—was still buried deep in Tom's ass.

"Maybe not." Tom kissed Clint passionately. "But, I sure learned what I've been missing."

"Well, that's a start." Clint laughed and Tom joined in.

A wave of sleepiness washed over Tom. "Man . . ." he mumbled.

"It's okay." Clint kissed Tom and stroked his three-day beard stubble. "I rode you hard." He pulled his dick out of Tom's butt. The men rolled onto their sides, facing each other.

Tom nestled in Clint's arms, feeling warm and secure. With a woman, he'd always been the big strong protector. That was great, but being protected felt good too . . .