Teamed By The Mountain Men

A short story adapted from Mountain Men 3

First-Time Gay Group Sex In The Wilderness

A bright fall day in the mountains really makes a man horny . . .

And Tom Prescott was horny as hell, even after having his ass pounded last night and earlier this morning.

Actually, he'd had a hard-on for most of the last four days, ever since he'd gotten lost in the Rugged Mountains and hooked up with Clint Hardwick. He hadn't been into men, until he'd met Clint, who'd taught him how good man-on-man sex could be. Now, he wasn't sure if he could go back to his dead-end job in the city, or to his girlfriend, who'd lost interest in sex, at least with him.

Tom was in his mid-20s and built like a football player, with buzz-cut blond hair and five days of dark beard stubble. He was sitting in the passenger seat of Clint's pickup as they rattled along a forest road that was little more than two deep ruts winding through the trees. It was mid-morning and the temperature was unseasonably warm. They had the windows down, letting the pine scented breeze into the cab. They were going to pick up Tom's Jeep and then go to Stonewall Ranch, where Clint lived with several other men.

"Hey," Tom said. "This looks familiar." They went around a bend and Tom saw his Jeep, parked beside the road. "Well, good. We found it." Now, he recognized the location. It would be easy to find his way back to town. Back to the life he was no longer sure he wanted to lead.

"Yep. We're here." Clint parked behind the Jeep. "And I'm fuckin' horny."

"I'll help you with that." Tom kissed Clint and then got out of the pickup. "Come on. I want to suck your cock."

"Oh yeah." Clint followed him out.

"This is more like it." Tom pulled Clint's jeans down. Like Tom, he'd gone commando and his hard dick sprang up as soon as he'd freed it from its restraints. "I love your big sexy cock."

The men kissed, hard and open mouthed with dueling tongues stroking, thrusting, and parrying while they rubbed hard cocks and kneaded each other's muscular buttocks.

Tom sank to his knees and gripped Clint's rigid pole. "I love your cock." He kissed its tip, then clamped his lips around its deep corona and swirled his tongue over its swollen crown.

Clint moaned softly and ran his fingers through Tom's buzz cut. "Damn, you're a good cocksucker."

Tom ran his fingertips over Clint's cock-head, smearing the precum leaking from its slit. "I'm just getting started." He swallowed Clint's big pole, fighting his gag reflex and taking the whole thing, finally stopping with his lips clamped around the base of Clint's long thick rod.

He kneaded Clint's balls while holding the other man's mammoth pole deep in his throat. He couldn't believe he'd taken the whole thing. No woman, even the good cocksuckers, had ever been able to do that with him. His own cock was rock hard and throbbing. If he touched it, he'd probably shoot.

"Oh man!" Clint said. "That's so good."

Tom had run out of air. He held on until he was feeling lightheaded and then reluctantly pulled away. He looked up at Clint with a big grin on his face while he took long deep breaths. "Good for me, too. I've never—"

"It was a good show," a deep voice said. "Now, you're under arrest."

Tom sprang to his feet and spun around. Two men in U.S. Forest service uniforms were standing on the road with their hands near their heavy gun belts, scowling at him and Clint.

The Rangers were both tall, broad-shouldered, and muscular. They were dressed in heavy boots, khaki trousers and shirts, traditional high crowned ranger hats, and dark green outdoor vests. The name tags on their vests read "Franklin" and "Dudley."

Franklin was black, with a shaved head and a neat mustache. Dudley was white and clean shaven, with short brown hair.

Tom felt self-conscious, standing there with his jeans around his ankles and his jutting cock and dangling balls exposed.

It didn't seem to bother Clint. "Under arrest?" he asked. "For fooling around in the woods?"

"Public sex on Federal land is a crime," Franklin said.

"This isn't public." Clint's cock was still rock-hard, gleaming with precum and spit. "We're in the middle of nowhere."

"We're here." Franklin jerked his thumb, pointing down the gravel road. "Someone else could come along and see you. Maybe even a family with kids . . ."

"You're just jealous," Clint said. "Here all by yourselves. Nobody to fuck . . . except each other."

Franklin and Dudley looked at Clint and Tom with stony expressions.

Tom had lost his erection. He started to pull his pants up. "Don't move," Dudley snapped.

Clint wrapped his thumb and index finger around the base of his cock and gripped his balls with his remaining fingers. He pointed his hard-on at Franklin and Dudley and said, "Admit it. You're horny as fuck." The Rangers didn't answer. "We can help you with that."

Franklin exchanged a look with Dudley. "Well, maybe we can work something out." Franklin unzipped his uniform trousers and took his cock out. Even soft, it was the longest and thickest cock Tom had ever seen. And it wasn't staying soft.

Tom's cock swelled as he watched Franklin's mahogany pole grow to full hardness. "What do you want?"

"Don't be coy." Franklin put his big hands on Tom's shoulders and pushed him to his knees. "You know what to do."

Tom stared at Franklin's giant pole. A thin line of precum was leaking from its swollen tip, running over its broad plow-shaped head, and trickling down its thick shaft.

"Oh man!" Tom gripped Franklin's oversized black rod with both hands. Its head and the last inch of its shaft stuck out past his fists and his thumbs and index fingers wouldn't quite close around it. "Your cock is so fuckin' big."

Tom licked up the big bubble of precum at Franklin's tip, then clamped his lips around the big black man's corona and swirled his tongue over his swollen cock-head.

"Damn, you're good," Franklin growled as Tom probed the Ranger's cum-slit with the tip of his tongue.

Tom's world narrowed to the big log in his hands and mouth. Franklin's long thick shaft filled his closed fingers like a baseball bat and the big black man's swollen knob stretched his mouth wide open. He'd never expected to see a cock this big . . . or to want it so badly.

He kissed and licked Franklin's cock head, then pressed his closed lips over the Ranger's big crown and slid them down his oversized shaft. He went as far as he could. It wasn't like deep-throating Clint, but it was just as sexy. Once again, he couldn't breathe, but he didn't care.

When he finally ran out of oxygen, Tom reluctantly pulled back and took a few long gulps of air.

"Man!" Franklin gasped. "You're one hell of a cocksucker." He grabbed the back of Tom's head and rolled his hips, driving his monster cock deep into Tom's mouth and down his throat. Tom held on, excited beyond belief, taking Franklin's driving rod while stroking its shaft and squeezing the big Ranger's bulging balls.

Tom could tell that Franklin was getting close. He jerked the big man's stiff cock harder and tightened his lips around his plunging pole, eager for a flood of hot cum blasting into his mouth.

"My turn." Rough hands gripped Tom's shoulders and pulled him away from Franklin. It was Dudley, smiling sweetly at Franklin. "Partner." Like Franklin, he was still fully dressed, in uniform, hat, and gun belt, but with his cock and balls hanging out.

"Fucker!" Franklin stood still, holding his throbbing rod and taking deep breaths. "You'll pay for this."

"What you gonna do?" Dudley pushed his dick into Tom's mouth. "Bend me over and fuck my ass?"

"Maybe I won't do it," Franklin said. "Next time you want my big black cock."

"We're partners. We share." Dudley fucked Tom's face roughly. His cock wasn't a giant like Franklin's but it was still big and hard. Tom kneaded Dudley's tight nuts and jacked his thrusting shaft, increasingly excited by the rough treatment Dudley was giving him.

When Dudley was close to coming, Franklin grabbed Tom back. "Time for more sharing . . . Partner." The Rangers pushed Tom back and forth, driving their hard cocks into his mouth and down his throat. Finally, he took both stiff poles into his mouth at once, stroking their shafts while licking and sucking their cock-heads.

"Damn, you got a sexy mouth." Franklin pulled Tom to his feet and then squeezed his bare buttocks. "I bet your asshole's even better."

"You're gonna fuck me?" Tom stared at Franklin's massive erection.

"Yeah." Franklin closed his thumb and index finger around the base of Tom's stiff pole and cupped his balls with his remaining fingers. "I'm gonna fuck the hell out of your sexy ass."

"Okay," Tom said. "How are you gonna do it?"

"Like this." Franklin turned Tom around and then bent him over.

Tom braced his hands on his knees. "Come on. I'm ready for you."

"Ha!" Dudley said. "Nobody's ready for that horse dick."

"You sure weren't" Franklin said to Dudley. "You screamed like a girl."

Dudley just laughed. "Girls scream when they come."

Franklin shook his head. "You and your women." He pointed at Clint. "You've got some lube somewhere. Get it."

"Yes sir." Clint got a plastic squeeze bottle out of the truck's glove compartment and handed it to Franklin.

"This'll make it easier," Franklin said.

"Good," Tom said. "I really want your big hard—" His cock throbbed as Franklin slid a thick lubricated finger into his asshole. "Fuck!"

"That's what's going to happen." Franklin worked his finger in and out of Tom's tight hole, occasionally pausing to add more lube. "I'm going to fuck the hell out of you."

"Come on," Tom said. "Give it to me." Franklin's finger withdrew. A moment later, he felt the stud Ranger's wide cock-head pressing into his butt hole. "Oh yeah." Tom rolled his hips, pushing back onto the big knob stretching his asshole. "That's right."

Tom moaned and stroked his stiff dick while Franklin's monster cock slowly entered him. It hurt, but the mixture of pain and pleasure made him want that giant pole even more.

"Fuck me," Tom groaned. "Shove that big black—" He screamed as Franklin's big cock slipped through his tight anal ring and plunged into his depths. "Oh God!" He felt Franklin's hairless balls pressing against his butt cheeks. That big log was all the way up his ass.

"Damn, your ass is hot and tight." Franklin fucked Tom slowly, pulling completely out and then sliding back in.

Bent over with his jeans bunched around his ankles and bracing himself against Franklin's steady thrusts with his hands on his knees, Tom was almost completely helpless. A week ago, the thought of being so submissive would have terrified him. Now, it was liberating to have a big strong man using him so carelessly.

He swung his butt back to meet Franklin's sliding pole. The big black man's massive weapon stretched his asshole beyond belief. The pain was gone and the big rod's slow motion sent waves of pleasure from his overfilled anus directly to his straining cock.

"You ready for a hard ride?" Franklin growled. "You better be. I'm gonna pound your sweet tight butt now."

"Oh yeah." Tom pushed his butt back toward Franklin. "Fuck me good and hard." The big man's cock drew back, pulling completely out, and then drove back through Tom's tight anal ring and on into his depths, banging his balls against Tom's buttocks.

"Oh God!" Tom moaned, rocking his hips as Franklin hammered his ass relentlessly. "That's so good."

"Fuckin' good for me, too." Franklin drove even harder, slamming his crotch into Tom's butt and almost sending him sprawling. "I've got a big hot load for you."

"Come on!" Tom gasped. "Shoot it for me." His painfully hard cock throbbed as Franklin rammed his ass, splashing hot pulses of cum against his anal walls. "Oh God yeah! Shoot that hot cum!"

"Damn! You are one fine piece of ass." Franklin pulled his dick out of Tom's asshole and patted his butt affectionately.

Tom straightened up and turned around to look at Franklin. He looked like a pornographic cartoon in his boots, uniform, hat, and gun belt, with his bare chocolate balls hanging below his stiff mahogany rod, which gleamed with lube and traces of cum. "Does this mean you're not going to bust us for public sex?"

"Well, I don't know." Franklin pointed to Dudley, who moved behind Tom. "You'll have to work that out with my partner."

"You gonna fuck me now?" Tom thrust his butt back at Dudley.

"Yeah." Dudley pressed his cock-head into Tom's butthole. "That 'partners sharing' thing." He gripped Tom's hips and pushed forward.

"Good," Tom said as Dudley's cock slipped easily up his asshole. "I could use a decent fuck." He winked at Franklin.

"Hope I didn't stretch him too wide," Franklin said to Dudley. "I want you to feel something, even with that little dick of yours." He looked at Tom. "I hate ruining guys for other men."

"You haven't." Tom rocked his hips in time with Dudley's driving cock. It wasn't nearly as big as Franklin's monster, but still impressively long and thick, sending another wave of pleasure through his body with each increasingly-rough stroke. "This feels fine."

"Only 'fine?'" Dudley slammed Tom's butt. "Not the best fuck you've had in your life?"

"Okay. It is the best fuck I've had in my life." The tension in Tom's nuts built as Dudley hammered his ass. The little part of his mind not occupied with his boiling lust considered what he'd just said. His favorite dick was always the one currently pounding his butt. Maybe that made him a slut, but he really didn't care . . .

Dudley went faster, slapping his pelvis against Tom's butt cheeks. "I'm gonna come!" He rammed Tom's ass, filling his ass with pulse after pulse of hot cum.

"Damn, that was good," Tom said when Dudley had finished.

Dudley pulled out and stepped away. "You've got a great ass."

"So you liked it." Tom turned so he was facing both Dudley and Franklin, admiring their muscular—intensely male—bodies. "Are we still under arrest?"

Franklin laughed and exchanged a lewd grin with Dudley. "We'll let you off with a warning. This time."