Farewell To The Mountain Men

A short story adapted from Mountain Men 5

Anonymous Gay Sex In The City

Tom Prescott had heard of gay baths—places where men went for quick anonymous sex—but he'd never expected to be wandering through one, naked except for the towel wrapped around his waist.

The clerk had said it was unusually crowded, even for a Friday night. There were definitely a lot of guys everywhere—lounging in the pool area, flirting in the gym, getting playful in the showers, retreating to tiny private cubicles, or plunging into the big dark room furnished with a few beds.

Tom was in his mid-20s and built like a football player with buzz-cut blond hair. He'd strolled through the whole facility, trying not to gawk. The thin towel didn't do much to conceal his partial hard-on as he walked down the dimly lit hall to the big room at its end.

Two weeks ago, Tom had taken time away from his dead-end job in the city and his girlfriend, who'd lost interest in sex. He'd gone to the Rugged Mountains for the afternoon and gotten lost. As night was falling and a snowstorm was approaching, he'd found his way to Clint Hardwick's camp.

Tom was straight, but he'd been instantly attracted to Clint. The attraction was mutual. The sexual tension between the two men built to a fiery explosion of raw man-on-man sex. That had been great, but then Clint had brought in his lusty Mountain Men friends.

The group sex had bothered him. Maybe it was just Catholic guilt, but multiple partners diluted the one-on-one intensity that sex should create.

He hadn't been able to decide if he belonged with the Mountain Men, or back in the city. So, he'd gone back to his shitty job as a convenience store manager and to his girlfriend. She'd fucked his brains out, but then told him she was dumping him for a woman.

He'd tried a hetero singles bar, but realized he wasn't ready for another woman. Then, he'd picked up a man in a gay bar. That had been fun, but unsatisfyingly brief, because the guy had to get home to his wife. Now, he was here at the baths, looking for plain old uncomplicated sex . . .

A big black man was standing outside the room's entrance. He was tall—at least 6' 4"—and muscular, with a barrel chest and arms and legs to match. He was a few pounds overweight, but he carried it well. His tightly-trimmed beard was a darker shadow on his chocolate face. He watched Tom approach, smiling at the growing bulge in his towel.

Just before Tom reached him, the big man whipped off his towel, revealing his massive cock. Even soft, it was amazingly long and thick. He walked into the dark room and let the door swing shut behind him.

Tom wished he could take that man home, or at least to one of the private rooms. But that Stud had gone in there—into the dark with a lot of other men. Horny men.

Suddenly excited, he tore the towel off, exposing the towering boner rising from his thick forest of dark blond pubic hair, then opened the door and stepped over the threshold.

He hesitated, startled at the sight of his imagination made real in the dim light from the corridor. Men. Lots of men. Men masturbating. Men jacking each other off. Men sucking cock and fucking ass. On the beds and on the floor, standing up, lying down . . .

"Hey!" someone called. "Close the door!"

Tom stepped fully into the room and let the door swing shut behind him. He stood still in the sudden darkness, listening to the soft, and not so soft, sounds the men around him were making.

The men in the room had seen him in the doorway. A group of them gathered around him, fondling his arms, legs, chest, butt, and straining cock.

A hot mouth closed around his stiff rod. The man sucked him frantically while squeezing his nuts, hard enough to hurt. Tom caught the man's hand and pushed it away from his balls. The guy made a disgusted sound and then moved away.

Another man took his place. He was a better cocksucker than the previous man, kissing and licking Tom's balls and then moving on to his painfully hard cock, swirling his tongue over its swollen crown and taking its head and shaft deep in his throat.

Tom felt around in the dark. A man caught his hand and guided it to his cock. Tom jerked the hard dick in his hand while another man kneaded his butt cheeks and fingered his crack.

The darkness in the room wasn't total. As Tom's eyes adapted to the dim light, he became aware of men's shapes all around him. A particularly large one was approaching.

The door opened and another man came in. He closed it quickly, so there was only a brief flash of light. It was still enough for Tom to recognize the big black Stud looming over him.

An oversized hand closed around Tom's shoulder. "You're mine, now." The Stud's low voice was as deep and resonant as Tom had imagined. He pushed Tom to his knees and then pressed his stiff cock into Tom's mouth, stretching it wide—as wide as it had ever been stretched. Stud's big black cock was even bigger than Ranger Franklin's oversized rod.

Tom wrapped both hands around Stud's swollen cock like he was gripping a baseball bat. Stud's cock-head and the last few inches of his enormous shaft overfilled Tom's mouth. He pulled away slightly, then clamped his lips around the deep groove between Stud's cock-head and shaft and swirled his tongue over the big man's swollen cock-head.

"Yeah." Stud growled and ran his fingers through Tom's buzz cut as Tom probed his cum-slit with the tip of his tongue. "Suck it. Suck my big fat cock."

He grabbed the back of Tom's head and rolled his hips, driving his monster cock deep into Tom's mouth and down his throat. Tom held on, excited beyond belief, taking Stud's driving rod while stroking its shaft and squeezing the big black man's bulging balls.

Stud pulled his throbbing pole out of Tom's mouth and pulled him to his feet. "Come over here." He guided Tom through the darkness and bent him over a bed.

Tom's cock throbbed as Stud slid a thick lubricated finger into his asshole. "Fuck," he moaned as Stud worked his finger in and out of Tom's tight hole, occasionally pausing to add more lube.

Stud's finger withdrew. A moment later, the big man's wide cock-head pressed into Tom's anus. He rolled his hips, pushing back onto the big knob stretching his asshole.

Tom gasped as Stud's monster cock slipped through his tight anal ring and plunged into his depths, stopping with his balls pressed against Tom's butt cheeks. "Oh God," Tom whispered. That big log was all the way up his ass.

Stud whispered, "I'm gonna fuck you now." He drew back slowly and then pushed back up Tom's ass.

Tom swung his butt back to meet Stud's sliding pole. The big black man's massive weapon stretched his asshole beyond belief. The pain faded quickly and the big rod's slow motion sent waves of pleasure from his overfilled anus directly to his straining cock.

"You ready for a hard ride?" Stud growled. The big man's cock drew back, pulling completely out, and then drove back through Tom's tight anal ring and on into his depths, banging his balls against Tom's buttocks.

Tom rocked his hips as Stud hammered his ass relentlessly. "That's so good," he moaned.

"Good for me, too." Stud drove even harder, slamming his crotch into Tom's butt and almost sending him sprawling.

Tom's painfully hard cock throbbed as Stud rammed his ass, splashing hot pulses of cum against his anal walls. "Oh fuck yeah! Shoot it!"

Stud pounded Tom's ass over and over, shooting with each rough thrust. He finally finished. "Damn!" he growled. "That was fucking good!" He pulled his dick out of Tom's hard-fucked hole, fondled Tom's butt affectionately, and moved away.

A moment later, the door opened, flooding the room with light. Stud, naked with his half-hard cock gleaming with lube and cum, stood in the threshold, surveying the room. Then, he stepped out into the hall, carrying his towel in his hand, and walked away, letting the door swing shut behind him.

Another man wrapped his hand around Tom's stiff dick. "Want to fuck me now?"

"Sure." Tom was so fucking horny after that epic ass pounding.

"Good." The man handed Tom a tube of lubricant, then lay on the edge of the bed and spread his legs in a wide Vee, lifting his ass. "Come on. I'm ready for you . . ."

Tom fucked him hard and fast, holding out for a surprisingly long time before emptying his overloaded nuts up the guy's hot tight hole. Temporarily satisfied, he pulled out and stepped away.

The door opened and closed as another man left. Like Stud, he was naked and carrying his towel, rather than wearing it around his waist. Tom guessed that was an orgy room custom.

In the flash of light, Tom saw the man he'd fucked. He was still on the bed with his legs lifted. Another man with a big hard-on was approaching him.