Return To The Mountain Men

A short story adapted from Mountain Men 6

Captured By Queer Klansmen

The farmhouse was a 1950s tract house, dropped into the wilderness. The man in camo fatigues made Tom take the lead through the back door, across the kitchen, and down the stairs to the basement. The space at the foot of the stairs was a laundry room, with a washer, dryer, and a big wash basin. The rest of the basement was walled off, with sheet metal doors denying access to the spaces beyond.

"That way." Camo Man waved his gun arm toward the far end of the laundry room.

Tom stopped at the painted steel door. Camo Man took a key out of his pocket and unlocked the door's deadbolt. "Here's your new home. We hope you enjoy your visit. We're sure going to."

He opened the door, revealing steel bars. "We'll punish you if you try to escape." Camo Man unlocked the bars and swung them open. "Severely." He unfastened the cuffs and then pushed Tom, sending him stumbling into the room. He closed the bars and door. The deadbolt snicked into place.

He was in a large room with bare concrete walls and a worn rug on the concrete floor. The door bars were set in a cinderblock wall. Plywood sheets covered the barred windows. The only furniture was a king-sized mattress and a pair of heavy easy chairs. A toilet, sink, and a rusty steel shower stall occupied one corner of the room.

A man got up from the bed. "Hi. I'm Washington. Washington Jeffries." Tom's fellow prisoner was a slim college-age black man with untidy hair and an unkempt beard, naked except for a pair of clinging briefs that showed off his oversized dick. "How'd they get you?"

"I thought the road to this farm was a shortcut to my friends' place. I was turning around and the guy in camo . . ."

"Caleb. Likes to be called 'Sir.'"

"Okay, Caleb. He was pointing a rifle at me. Made me get out of the Jeep . . ." He felt ashamed, but continued anyway. ". . . And suck his dick."

"Caleb sure likes blow jobs," Washington said. "What then?"

"Another guy came over . . ."

"That'd be Donny. Do not get him mad. He's got a real temper."

"Uh . . . All right."

"Just do what he says. It gets a little kinky, especially for a straight guy, I guess. But, you can handle it . . . It won't hurt near as much as what Donny or Caleb will do if you disobey them. They won't do any permanent damage, but still . . . Well, pain is pain."

"So, we're their sex slaves?"

Washington shrugged. "Yeah. That's pretty much it."

He put his hand on Tom's crotch. "I want to fuck." He unbuckled Tom's belt and then opened his fly. He took Tom's rapidly hardening cock out of his pants. "Looks like you're ready."

Washington pressed his hard athletic body against Tom's and kissed him fiercely. They kissed, hard and dirty with aggressive tongues, while rubbing stiff cocks and kneading each other's firm buttocks.

"Damn!" Washington growled. "You feel good. Kissing you feels great." He kissed Tom again. The kiss went on and on with tongues thrusting and parrying. "I miss kissing. The sex with Caleb and Donny is pretty good, once you get used to the kinks, but they don't kiss."

He pushed Tom's jeans down around his ankles. "There's some other things they don't do, either." He turned Tom around and bent him over. "Like take it up the butt."

"Is that what you want to do?" Tom asked. "Fuck me?"

"Do you like it up the ass?" Washington tore his tightly stretched briefs off and rubbed his stiff rod along Tom's butt crack.

"Sure." Tom's hard cock jerked as Washington's sliding pole teased his crack. "You got lube?"

"Yeah." Washington got a squeeze bottle out of the crude bathroom.

"Nothing but the best for Donny's and Caleb's sex slaves." Tom pushed his butt back toward Washington.

"You got it, bro." Washington slid a lubricated finger up Tom's ass. It went in easily. "Man! You're ready."

"Yeah." Tom braced himself with his hands on his knees. "Stick your big hard cock up my ass."

"Okay." Washington pulled his finger out of Tom's butthole and replaced it with his cock's broad plow-head. "Don't worry. I'll take it easy." His cock-head pressed into Tom's anal ring, steadily stretching it open.

"It's all right." Tom held his anal muscles tight, making Washington work to get inside. "I'm ready for you." He thrust his butt back, pushing Washington's cock-head through his anal ring and on up his ass.

"Wow," Washington said. "You are ready." He drew back until his plow-head was barely kissing Tom's pucker and then pushed back inside.

"Come on." Tom tightened his ass muscles, gripping Washington's swollen rod even more tightly. "Fuck me. Good and hard."

"Like this?" Washington fucked Tom with long swift strokes, pulling almost out and then slamming home, smashing his pelvis into Tom's butt cheeks.

Tom's stiff cock swayed and jerked as Washington hammered his butt. "Yeah," he answered. "Just like that."

The tension in Tom's nuts was close to the boiling point when Washington growled like a wild panther and rammed his ass, shooting a hard hot pulse of cum into Tom's depths.

"Fuck yeah!" Tom gasped. "Come in my ass." His cock throbbed while Washington pounded his asshole, shooting over and over.

"Damn!" Washington pulled his still-hard rod out of Tom's butt and stumbled away. "I sure needed that."

"So did I." Tom's cock was as hard as a steel rod, with the steady stream of precum leaking from its tip running down its shaft and over his balls.

"You know, I'm usually a top," Washington said. "So, getting it up the butt all the time . . ."

"I thought I was straight." Tom grabbed Washington and kissed him roughly. "Then, I met a guy . . . He taught me what I'd been missing."

"He sure taught you how to take it up the butt." Washington gripped Tom's hard cock and ran his closed fist up and down its swollen shaft. "Want to fuck me now?"

"Oh yeah. I like it both ways." The jeans bunched around his ankles almost tripped Tom when he took a step toward Washington. "And you've got a really sexy ass."

"All right. I'm ready." Washington turned around, bent over, and waved his ass seductively.

"Not like that." Tom slapped Washington's butt playfully. "Get on the bed. I want to do it face-to-face."

"A real romantic! That's great." Washington kissed Tom, then crossed the room and sat on the bed. Tom stripped hastily and followed him.

"You want me like this?" Washington lay on his back in the middle of the bed with a pillow under the small of his back and folded his knees against his chest, elevating his sculpted buttocks.

"Oh yeah," Tom growled. The little pucker between Washington's chocolate buns, garnished by his stiff cock and bulging balls, was so tasty and inviting. He wanted to eat it, but that would have to wait. Right now, his painfully hard rod would not be denied. "That's perfect."

Tom picked up the lubricant and spread a line of the slippery gel on his finger, then slid that finger up Washington's hot little hole. It went in easily.

Washington's cock jerked as Tom worked his finger in and out of the black stud's asshole. "Feels good," he said. "When you do it."

"Just me?" Tom pulled his finger out of Washington's butt.

"I've learned to like it with Caleb and Donny." Washington curled his fingers around his stiff rod and stroked it slowly while he watched Tom lubricate his hard dick. "But, they raped me. I was an anal virgin. Donny was my first man. Then Caleb took his turn. They weren't gentle about it."

He frowned briefly, but then grinned at the towering pole rising from Tom's crotch. "Come on and fuck me. I want your big hard cock."

Tom pressed his cock-head into the center of Washington's pretty puckered hole. It opened easily and he slid inside, up to the hilt. "Your ass sure feels good." He fucked Washington slowly, pulling almost out and then pressing back in.

"Oh God yeah!" Washington gasped. "That feels so . . . fucking . . . good!" He jacked his cock and squeezed his balls while Tom fucked him harder and faster. "That's right! Pound my ass!"

"Your ass feels so good." Tom gripped Washington's ankles and pushed them up over his shoulders, then fucked him roughly, swinging his legs in a wide arc and rocking his butt up, driving his straining cock deep into the ebony stud's tight hot hole.

"Shoot it for me!" Washington cried, jacking his swollen pole frantically. "I want to feel—"

"Take it!" Tom grunted. "Take my big hot load." He slammed Washington, shooting pulse after hard pulse of cum up his ass.

"Yeah! That's right . . ." Cum fountained from Washington's dick, splashing his belly and chest.

Tom finished and pulled his dick out of Washington's asshole. "That was great."

"I really needed that," Washington said. "To remind me there's something besides the dungeon . . ."

"What's the dungeon?"

"Our white supremacist masters have a taste for BDSM. And cameras. They wear masks. You don't. You're gonna be starring in a dark web video . . . Soon."