Mr. Right Now 6 - Fred Part 3

Plowing the BBC bodybuilder

I'm kneeling on my rumpled bed with an immense hard-on, looking at a hot black bodybuilder named Fred. He's lying on his back with his legs spread in a wide Vee, lifting his muscular butt and showing off his sexy little puckered hole.

Fred's a big black bodybuilder with skin the color of chocolate milk, tightly buzz cut hair, and an angel's face. I'm tall, rugged, and moderately athletic, but he makes me look tiny. He's four inches taller and 40 pounds heavier then me. It's all muscle—arms, legs, chest, butt—all bulging muscles, more machine than flesh.

His spread legs frame his stiff cock. It's long and thick, with a broad, deeply furrowed, plow-head, gleaming with lube and traces of cum. Not all black men are well hung, but he has the biggest tool I've ever seen. His balls, like the rest of his body, are hairless. He probably gets it waxed, but I don't care about that or the obsessive workouts required to build and maintain those amazing muscles.

Fred has already fucked me twice. First, I sat on his oversized pole. It hurt, but I finally got his monster cock up my ass. The second time, he pushed me onto my hands and knees, gripped my waist to hold me still, and fucked me from behind. That was so hot. I'm usually dominant—and a top—so I love it when a man forces me to be a submissive bottom.

I've come twice. The last time was moments ago, from jacking off while Fred hammered me, firing pulse after pulse of cum up my ass. We'd kissed passionately and then I'd said, "You're such a stud."

"So are you." Fred had rolled onto his back, lifted his legs, and looked up at me. "And you haven't fucked me . . . Yet."

So here I am, kneeling on the bed with a giant erection, looking at Fred offering me his ass. I inspect his anus carefully. It's perfect, like the rest of him, a gracefully puckered spot between his big magnificently sculpted buttocks. Just built to be worshiped.

And I will. But not quite yet. I kiss the tip of my finger and touch the center of his rosebud, then lean forward and wrap my hands around Fred's shaft. Both hands, one over the other, like I'm gripping a baseball bat. It's too thick to close my fingers completely. His broad plow-head and the upper inch of his shaft stick out from my closed hands.

"I'm gonna fuck your sexy ass." I slide one hand up his shaft and rub my thumb and index finger over his cock-head, smearing the steady stream of precum leaking from its tip. "Fuck the hell outta it." I knead his hairless balls with my other hand, squeezing and teasing them while occasionally stretching a finger down to his anus. "But, I'm not ready, yet."

"Oh?" Fred points to my stiff dick. "You look pretty ready."

"Yeah . . ." I shrug. "But . . . Well, everything's been so fast. Now, I'm ready to slow it down." I put my index finger into my mouth and coat it with spit, then press it into Fred's asshole. "You're not in a hurry, are you?" I rotate my wrist, twisting my finger in his butt. "I'll make it worth your time."

I pull my finger out of Fred's butt and stand up. "I like hot sweaty men . . ." I bend over to pat his ass and fondle his stiff dick. "But, I like hot showers, too." I straighten up and hold out my hand. "Especially long hot showers with big hot men."

Fred looks at me. I'm not handsome, but I am tall, rugged, and moderately athletic, with a big hard cock. It's larger than average, although nowhere near the size of Fred's mammoth tool. "I've never taken a shower with anyone else." His cock has grown even bigger and harder.

"Well, it's time you did."

"All right." Fred gets up, gathers me in his big arms, and kisses me passionately. We kiss for a long time, rubbing stiff cocks and kneading each other's buttocks.

Finally, I pull away from Fred. "Come on. Let's take that shower."

I have a big shower. Fred and I fit in easily. There's room for a third man. That would really be cozy. I fantasize about who I'd choose while Fred and I stroke each other's bodies with soapy hands. None of the gay nudists. Not Nick, the black married-with-kids soldier. He'd probably get off on it, but I don't know how to get in touch with him. Maybe Daniel, the Hispanic bodybuilder with the jealous boyfriend. Or Dave, the tough cop who's tired of men wanting him to dominate them. Either of those guys. Or even both.

Fred and I wash each other carefully, starting with the less-sexual areas—torso, arms, legs—but then moving to butts and stiff cocks. We spend a long time playing with each other's soap-slick hard dicks and bulging balls.

I move behind Fred and press my stiff pole between his buttocks. He tenses as my cock-head pushes into his hole. "You gonna do it now?"

"Not yet." Soap is all right for sexy shower play, but it's a lousy sex lubricant. "I'm just getting started with you." I hump his butt crack playfully while reaching around and fondling his stiff dick.

It doesn't take the soap long to wash away. We rinse off. I'm getting ready to turn the water off, but Fred stops me. He gets down on his knees and takes my hard cock in his mouth. He sucks my stiff pole while squeezing my balls and fingering my butt crack.

The tension in my nuts is building when I push Fred away and pull him to his feet. "That's good, but I'm not ready to shoot." I kiss him long and hard, then turn the water off.

We towel off and I take Fred into the living room. "Sit there." I point to the big recliner with the padded arms.

"What are you going to do?" Fred's cock hangs like a python from his hairless crotch. It had softened after the shower, but it's already growing and swelling.

"You'll see." I kiss him and fondle his cock briefly, then guide him to the chair. I put a pillow on its seat and say, "Sit on the pillow. With your butt hanging over the edge."

He slumps into the chair with the small of his back resting on the seat cushion, his knees folded against his chest, and his ass sticking out into space. "Are you going to fuck me now?" His giant rod is hard again, rising tall and proud from his hairless crotch.

"Don't worry." It's hard to believe, since he's so big and physically imposing, but I'm realizing that Fred isn't very sexually experienced. "You're going to like this."

I kneel in front of the chair and admire the view—Fred's elegant anus, fine lines of puckered flesh radiating out from an almost invisible hole, colored like chocolate milk and nestled between his muscular buttocks; his bare balls, hanging like mistletoe over his sexy pucker; and his cock, that giant mahogany pole with its broad deeply furrowed plow-head, hard as a rock with the precum leaking from its tip making a puddle on his belly. "You are so fuckin' sexy."

This is something I've only done once before, with Dave, the stud cop who wanted me to dominate him. I'm still having trouble believing how much I like it.

It'll probably freak Fred out, so I ease into it. I start by kissing the tip of his cock and licking the precum off his belly. I shower his cock-head and shaft with butterfly kisses as I move down to his balls. I kiss and lick his hairless chocolate balls aggressively, taking one and then the other into my mouth, sucking them roughly and lashing them with my tongue.

Fred moans and raises his butt higher, positioning himself to be fucked. He whispers, "Yeah! That's so good." I don't answer. I've got both of his balls in my mouth. They taste like hot clean male. I'm sucking on them, but my mouth is too full to do much with my tongue.

I let his balls slip out of my painfully stretched mouth and lap them aggressively, occasionally letting my tongue slip down to the little strip of flesh between his balls and anus, getting teasingly close to his sexy pucker and then dancing away.

My first and only time eating an ass was with Dave, the cop. I'd started with him by pulling his butt cheeks open and kissing his asshole.

I don't have to pull Fred's butt cheeks open. His position on the chair has done that, offering me his beautiful chocolate pucker. I couldn't resist, even if I was dumb enough to want to.

I kiss his ass. That sounds so funny. Or rude. But the truth is that a man's butthole is really sexy. Very kissable! Especially Fred's!

It's a long and tender kiss. His butt tastes like soap and man, mixed with some mysterious super-sexy musk. "Oh man!" Fred swings his pelvis up, pushing his anus more firmly into my face.

I kiss his pucker a few more times and then blow on his asshole. His giant mahogany cock jerks as my hot breath caresses his sexy starfish. "God!" he groans. "I never—"

I lap Fred's asshole like an overfriendly dog. "No!" Fred moans and squirms, grinding his butt into my face, as I lick his asshole with broad flat strokes, alternating between licking up and down and side-to-side.

Fred's balls are pressing against my forehead. I reach up and squeeze them while I lap his asshole, then lick back up to his balls while teasing his anus with my index finger.

I slide my hand up from his balls and curl my fingers around Fred's thick shaft, not quite able to close my fingers around its amazing girth. I stroke his rod while licking his asshole with broad flat strokes, getting it good and wet with my spit.

He's been moaning the whole time. He gets a lot louder when I push my pointed tongue into his sexy starfish, gradually forcing it open. "This is so good!" he gasps. He bucks and growls, pushing back as I work my tongue in deeper, fucking his ass like a wide wet super-flexible cock.

I stroke Fred's rod roughly while thrusting my tongue up his ass. I'm so connected to Fred it's like beating my own straining cock. I push him . . . us . . . higher and higher, jacking his throbbing dick while burying my tongue in his pucker . . .

"Oh fuck!" Fred cries. He grips his butt cheeks and pulls them open wider, letting my tongue deeper into his hot super tight hole. "I'm gonna . . . Oh God! I'm coming!" He screams and shakes, coming hard. I can almost feel the hot cum fountaining from his throbbing cock and splashing his chest and face. I tongue his ass and stroke his cock, keeping him coming until he finally pushes me away. "That's enough!"

"Man, that was good." I straighten up, but remain kneeling in front of the recliner. Fred lowers his feet to the floor on either side of me and sits up in the chair, hiding his super hot asshole, but giving me a magnificent view of his unbelievably long and thick cock. It's still hard. And those hot sexy balls. Cock, balls, asshole—I want to eat them all again. "Eating your ass. Making you come like that."

My own rod is still super hard. I may have come right along with Fred on some emotional or psychic level, but I've still got balls full of cum screaming to get the fuck out.

Fred laughs shakily. "Good for me, too." He stands up, pulls me to my feet, and then kisses me, open-mouthed with his tongue dancing against mine. "I've never . . . uh . . . come like that before."

He grips my thighs and lifts me off the floor. My stiff dick presses against his belly. The head of his spectacularly oversized cock, is knocking on my back door. Is he going to fuck me? Standing up? Without lube? Part of me wants him to.

The rest of me is relieved when Fred carries me into the bedroom. He sets me down and kisses me again, gripping my butt to pull our bodies tightly together and rubbing his stiff cock against mine. The kiss goes on and on. I'm ready for Fred to fuck me again when he pulls away.

Fred lies on his back in the middle of my rumpled bed and spreads his legs in a wide Vee over his shoulders, lifting his sculpted butt and showing me his sexy little puckered hole. "Fuck me now," he says. "I need your cock." He grins at my hard rod. "I think you're ready."

"Oh yeah." I kneel on the bed, lubricate my finger, and slip it up Fred's asshole. It's close to virgin tight. "I'm gonna fuck the hell out of your ass." I work my finger in and out, occasionally pulling it out to add more lube.

He's relaxed enough. I pull my finger out of his butt, coat my painfully hard cock with lubricant, and push its head into the center of his sexy starfish.

His asshole is super tight, just like when I fucked him in front of a bunch of other men at the gay nudist party {Mr. Right Now Ch. 04 - Fred Part 1}. I take it easy, pushing my cock-head forward until he tenses up and then drawing back to let him relax before going in deeper.

Fred moans and strokes his big hard cock while I gradually open his asshole. Is his resistance real fear, or is he just making me work for it, giving me the excitement of breaking in a virgin? Either way, it feels great.

It's fun teaching virgins new things. I teach Fred what it's like to be taken abruptly, drawing back and then thrusting forward, penetrating his tight anal ring and driving into his depths.

"Fuck!" Fred's stiff dick jerks as my balls slam into his butt cheeks.

His hot tight asshole clamps my throbbing rod. I hold still, afraid I'll come if I move. "You okay?" I ask.

"Sure. You just surprised me." He smiles and I remember how much working out hurts. "No pain, no gain."

I pull out slowly, stop with my swollen cock-head just inside Fred's anal ring, and then push back up his ass. I'm really close, but I don't come. Good. I want to make this last. I pause for a few seconds with my supersensitive rod all the way inside him and then take another slow careful stroke. And then some more, until my urgent need to come has faded. I fuck him harder and faster.

Fred folds his knees against his chest and rolls his butt up to meet my driving rod. I hit him hard, bouncing my balls against his butt cheeks. He likes that and I hit him harder. The rougher I get, the more he likes it, jerking his giant cock in time with my hammer blows.

I grab Fred's ankles and push them up over his shoulders. "Oh fuck!" he groans as I rock his legs like wheelbarrow handles, ramming my cock even deeper into his ass.

The cum boils in my nuts as I hammer his ass relentlessly. He's jacking his stiff dick and tightening his ass muscles around my plunging pole. "Come on!" he growls. "Shoot it!"

I look from my driving rod sliding in and out of Fred's chocolate buns, up past his bulging balls and giant cock, over his muscular chest, and finally to his angelic face.

It's his face that sets me off. Our eyes lock. I pull back and then drive home, shaking his body and firing a long shot of cum up his ass. He keeps beating his oversized rod as I hammer his butt, shooting over and over.

"Man, that was good." I pull my dick out of Fred's butt. He lowers his legs. I lie on top of his chest—it's like a suit of armor except warm flesh and smooth skin—and kiss him tenderly. He kisses me back, not so tenderly, and humps his rock-hard cock against my slightly-softened rod.

"It's your turn now." Fred lifts me up and lays me on my back in the middle of the bed, then puts a pillow under my butt.

"All right." It hurts when Fred pushes his monster cock up my ass, but not nearly much as before. And—unbelievably—it feels even better. It's easier when I can see his face and run my hands over his bulging arms and oversized chest.

He hammers me ruthlessly. I expect him to come quickly, but he goes on and on, pushing me toward another climax. I'm almost there when he finally groans and empties his nuts up my ass. I jack my throbbing pole while his hard hot pulses of cum splash my anal walls. "Oh yeah!" I gasp as I shoot. It's only a few drops, but still surprising since it's my fourth orgasm in the last two hours. I haven't come that many times since I was in high school.

We cuddle for a while, then Fred takes a shower and leaves. He's going to hit the gym for a few hours before going home to eat a specially formulated high-protean supper. I'm a burgers and beer guy. He's not. He doesn't even drink alcohol.

That reminds me. The River City Bears are cooking burgers on the patio of the Chain Drive. After the ride I've had with Fred, I'm not interested in sex, but it'd be fun to go hang out . . . Or maybe I'll just stay at home and order a pizza.

I take a long hot shower. My cock surprises me by getting hard again. I think about Fred's giant cock sliding into my ass while I jack my soapy dick and finger my sudsy butt. I get my cock throbbing, but I'm seriously out of cum and don't shoot.

When I kissed Fred goodbye, I'd said, "I hope I'll see you at the next gay nude party."

He'd smiled. "Or maybe sooner."