Mr. Right Now 7 - Mustang

The Mustang man really has something

It's an hour before dawn and still dark as night when I leave my house.

I'm dressed in a jockstrap, shorts, and running shoes. It's mid-spring and the humid air feels like a hot wet towel as I walk down the street to warm up.

I turn onto Manor Road and jog slowly west. As I pass the streetlight at the intersection of Manor and Cherrywood, an old beat-up black Mustang pulls up beside me. It stops, even though the light is green. The driver's looking me over. I smile and wave, then turn south on Cherrywood and jog away.

The Mustang continues west on Manor for a half-block, then makes a sudden U-turn. It turns south onto Cherrywood, drives past me slowly, and makes another U-turn. It pulls up to the curb beside me. The driver rolls the Mustang's passenger window down and beckons me forward. "Want a ride?" he asks.

"No thanks, I'm jogging." I bend down to speak to him. In the glow of the dashboard lights, I can see that he's a handsome young black man, slender and well-muscled. His fly is open and his cock is sticking straight up. It looks like it's a foot long and as thick as a baseball bat.

My heart hammers and it's hared to breathe as I stare at his oversized member. This seems like a dream—a really messy wet dream—but I know it's not.

"Suck my dick," he says. I just stare at him, occasionally at his face, but mostly at the giant tower of flesh rising from his crotch. I still don't believe this is happening, but I can't ignore his monster rod. "Suck my dick . . . Please!" he begs.

"Okay." I open the door and get into the car.

We pull away from the curb, smooth and fast. The Mustang may be beat up, but it's still in good mechanical condition. "Do you have a place?" he asks.

"No." I don't want to take him home.

The Mustang guy's in a hurry. He drives with one hand and strokes his hard cock with the other as we rocket through several apartment parking lots. He turns into an alley and parks between a van and an oversized pickup truck.

He turns to face me, putting his right knee on the driver's seat. The roof is so low he has to bend forward, leaning over me. I pull his pants down. He's gone commando and his big dark chocolate balls swing free. He's breathing hard and his cock is throbbing. "Suck me now!"

His mahogany rod is even longer and thicker than my big black bodybuilder fuck buddy Fred's giant pole {"Mr. Right Now Chapters 4-6"}. I wrap my hands around his shaft with one hand over the other.

I can't close my fingers completely around his thick tool. My hands are big, but there's a one-inch gap between my thumbs and index fingers. His giant bell-shaped cock-head and the upper inches of his shaft stick out from my closed hands.

"Come on!" he demands. "Suck it." His cock-head is slick with precum.

I stretch my lips around his cock-head. It feels like sucking a baseball bat, but I manage to take his glans and the first inches of his shaft inside my mouth.

He fucks my face, forcing his immense member forward and down my throat. My head rocks back under the impact. I keep my two-handed grip on his plunging pole, controlling the violence of his thrusts. It's like riding a bucking bronco, just trying to stay on. I keep my mouth around his cock-head, licking and sucking its stretched skin while he tries to ram his rod through the back of my throat. My mouth is full of precum and spit. I swallow, but some of it escapes and runs down over my closed fists.

My rock-hard cock is painfully restrained by my tightly-stretched jockstrap, but I can't spare a hand to reach inside my shorts and free it.

He suddenly stops shoving his cock into my mouth. "Let me fuck you."

I freeze. "No." I want it, but his monster pole is too big. "I really want to suck you off." I lick and suck his bulging balls while I jack his stiff dick.

"Fuck!" he moans. "You're way better than a woman." He forces his pole back into my mouth and thrusts even faster and more violently than before.

I keep sucking and jerking him, taking more of his driving rod in my mouth while I squeeze his bulging balls. Suddenly, he screams and pumps hard hot jets of cum into my mouth. It's like trying to drink from a fire hose. I try to swallow all of it, but some escapes and runs down over my hands.

He pulls away and collapses into the driver's seat, panting with his eyes closed.

My cock is still painfully stiff, so I push my running shorts down and take my swollen pole out of my jockstrap.

I stroke my stiff rod while I look at the man beside me. His eyes are still closed, but he's breathing normally. I need to get off, but he probably won't suck my cock. Maybe he'll give me a hand job. Or . . .

He sits up and turn his head to look at me. "Let me fuck you now."

My boner gets even bigger as I think of taking that monster cock up my ass. It's scary and exciting, like mountain climbing or skydiving. But, in this tight little car with bucket seats and a console between us? Or outside, with me bent over the hood?

"All right," I say. "Let's go to my place. It's really close." Our search for a private spot had ended up a few blocks from my house.

He forces his hard-on back into his pants. I pull my shorts up, leaving my cock outside my jockstrap and making an immense bulge in my shorts.

We roar down the alley and turn onto a major street. Two minutes later, we're pulling into my driveway.

Inside the house, I stop and face him. "Will you kiss me?"

"Uh . . ."

I look at him for a few silent seconds, then turn away and start down the short hall to the bedroom. "Come on and fuck me."

We strip hastily and stand beside the bed, looking at each other. He's handsome and muscular, with that immense cock rising from his crotch. I'm tall, rugged, and moderately athletic. My stiff rod is larger than average, although nowhere near the size of his mammoth tool.

I get the lube out of the nightstand drawer and hand it to him, then lie on my back in the middle of the bed and fold my knees against my chest, lifting my butt. "Let's fuck."

He stares at my stiff cock, heavy-hanging balls, and the little hot spot between my buttocks for a few seconds, then scrambles onto the bed and kneels between my spread legs.

I look from his towering rod to his face and back. "Take it easy, okay?"

"Sure." He puts a big blob of lube on the tip of his finger, then rubs it over my pucker. That feels good. It feels even better when he slips his finger all the way up my ass. He works his finger in and out a few times, then pulls out to add more lube.

My cock jerks as he fingers my asshole, twisting his wrist to distribute the lubricant evenly. He adds more lube and another finger, crossed with the first. I almost come, but the intensity recedes, leaving a burning need for his immense rod.

He spreads the two fingers inside me, opening my asshole wider. It feels really good, but way different from a penis. I stroke my massive erection as he fingers my butt, twisting his fingers around and crooking them to rub my prostate . . .

"Fuck me now!" I groan. "I'm ready for your big fat cock."

He grins and puts even more lube up my ass, then smears the slippery gel on his towering rod and presses its big bell-shaped head into my asshole.

I'm scared and excited. It hurt like hell the first time Fred fucked me, but it also felt so good that I was able to push through the pain into pure pleasure. But, Fred had been gentle. I'd straddled his hips and gradually lowered my tight hole onto his stiff pole. I'm afraid Mustang man will ram my ass as roughly as he fucked my face.

Instead, he takes me carefully. It hurts as his cock-head stretches my anus, but I stroke my painfully hard cock to take my mind off the pain. He pushes in until I tense up, then draws back slightly, letting me relax before pressing in deeper.

"Fuck!" I gasp when his giant bell-head slips through my tight anal ring. Nothing's opened my ass like this. Not even Fred's monster tool.

"Oh yeah!" he says. "I'm gonna fuck you. Good and hard." He pushes on in, but he doesn't ram me. It's a steady slide with his big cock-head and oversized shaft stretching my ass muscles.

He stops with his balls pressed against my butt cheeks. His whole giant cock is up my ass. It still hurts—a little—but the pain is fading quickly.

"Man!" He's staring at his crotch, where his stiff pole is buried in my butt. His gaze drifts up past my stiff cock and tight balls to my face. He has a funny half-smile on his face. "Your ass is fucking tight!"

"And your cock is fucking big." I tighten my ass muscles around his monster tool. "So, fuck me!"

"Okay." He pulls back, stopping with his cock-head just inside my anal ring and then pushes back in, all the way. Then, he does it again. And again, sending lightning bolts of sexual energy from my overstretched anus directly to my swollen rod. I watch his face while he fucks me. It shows me exactly what he's feeling.

"Fuck yeah," I say. "That's so good." The expression on his face is raw lust mixed with caution. He's being so gentle because he doesn't want to come too quickly.

I jack my stiff dick while he works his monster tool in my asshole. Sometimes, he locks eyes with me, but quickly looks away, afraid of what he's seeing, or maybe of what he's revealing . . . Mostly, he watches his cock sliding in and out of my buttocks and my hand jerking my hot rod.

"Come on," I say. "Pound my ass."

"You really ready?" He's grinning.

"Yeah." I'm scared and excited, like a ski jumper starting down the ramp. "Fuck me. Good and hard."

He fucks me roughly, pulling almost out and then slamming home, sending shockwaves of pleasure through my body.

"Fuck, yeah!" I gasp. "That's right. Hammer my ass."

He goes even faster. His dick slips completely out of my butt. He grabs his shaft and presses his cock-head back through my tight little hole. I keep my ass muscles super tight, making him work for it. He finally pushes through and slides into my depths, but then pulls completely out and does it again. "You like that?" he asks.

"Uh . . . huh . . ." My cock jerks and throbs as he fucks my hole—pulling completely out and then pushing back in, stopping with his cock-head just inside my anal sphincter. I've stopped jacking off—that's too intense—as he teases my anus. It's a relief when he goes back to driving his full length up my eager ass.

He hammers me for a long time. It's only been 20 minutes since I sucked him off in the Mustang, so he has a lot of endurance. I'm still staring at his face, seeing how close he's getting.

I'm pretty close, too. He knows that. He's gotten less shy about looking me straight in the eye. "Shoot it," I say. "Shoot your big hot load—" The expression on his face changes as his first pulse splashes against my anal walls. It feels like the jet from a squirt gun filled with warm water. "Oh yeah!" I cry. "Oh fucking yeah!"

He slams my ass, coming over and over. I hold my throbbing cock, feeling the cum building in my nuts. Building . . . building . . . but he pulls out and staggers to his feet before I go over the edge.

"Man!" he says. "That was great, but I gotta go, now. I'll just grab a quick shower . . ."

He starts for the bathroom, but I block his way. "There's something else. Something special I want to do for you."

"Well, I dunno . . ."

"Trust me. You'll like this. A lot." I've only done this with two other men: bodybuilder Fred and hot cop Dave {"Mr. Right Now Chapter 3"}. "Get on the edge of the bed. On your hands and knees."

Now, he looks scared and excited. His cock had softened after his climax, but it's fully hard again. He looks at me, from my giant boner up to my face and back down. "I don't take it up the ass . . ."

"Don't worry." I step behind him, grip his waist, and gently march him to the bed. "This is something different." We reach the bed and he moves into position—on his hands and knees with his butt sticking out over the edge of the bed. "Just relax and go with it."

I sink to my knees beside the bed. Like a lot of black men, he has a big sexy butt. I've always been a butt man, not just for sex but also as one of the body parts that get my attention. His butt is exceptionally sexy. He either works out or has a job that keeps him in shape. His anus is a beautifully puckered jewel, set between his sculpted buttocks.

I rub my hands over his butt cheeks, kneading them firmly and feeling the solid muscles under their chocolate skin. He's still tense but he relaxes a little as I continue rubbing his butt. Then, I bend forward and blow on his asshole.

"Wha—" He starts to speak, but then shuts up when I plant a wet sloppy kiss on his butthole. He moans and pushes his buttocks back toward me as I lick up and down his crack, pausing each stroke to wiggle my tongue sideways over his pucker.

"Oh man!" he moans. "I've never—" He gasps when I curl my tongue into a point and press its tip into his anus. "Fuck!"

He groans, arches his back, and grinds his butt into my face as I eat his ass, kneading his balls and stroking his stiff cock while I work my tongue deeper into his pretty little pucker. It smells like soap and sweat, mixed with a mysterious male musk.

I go on rimming and jacking him, pushing him closer and closer to a third climax. He's at the edge when I suddenly pull my face away from his butt and rise to my feet.

"Oh man!" he cries. "Don't stop now."

"I'm not stopping." Not with my painfully-hard cock. "Just changing direction." The little plastic bottle of lube is lying on the bed beside him. I pick it up.

"No," he says. "Not that." He twists around and stares hungrily at my giant boner. "I don't . . . uh . . ."

"You liked my tongue." I lubricate my finger and press it into his asshole. It's really tight, so I take it easy, working it in and out and gradually going deeper. He moans and rocks his hips, swinging his butt in time with my finger motions. "You're gonna enjoy this, too."

"Oh man . . ." He doesn't protest when I pull my finger out of his butt, lubricate my stiff cock, and press its head into his anus. It's tight. Really tight. Virgin tight. I take it slow, gradually stretching his asshole.

He growls, "Fuck!" and thrusts his butt towards me, driving my massive hard-on through his tight little hole and into his depths. "God . . . Damn!" he moans, clamping his anal muscles around my swollen pole.

"You all right?" I hold still with my cock buried deep in his hot tight hole.

"Sure." If it hurts, he's not the kind of man who'll admit it. "Fuck me. Hard."

After all the sex, I'm ready to come quickly, but I don't pound him. His asshole is too tight for that. I take it easy until he relaxes and gets into the rhythm of my thrusts, swinging his hips in time with my driving rod. Then, I get rough, gripping his waist to hold him steady while I hammer his ass, going in deep and hard, slamming my pelvis into his butt cheeks hard enough to shake the bed.

"Shoot it!" he cries, jacking his stiff cock. That sets me off and I empty my boiling nuts up his asshole with a dozen rough thrusts.

I finally finish, pull my dick out of his butt, and step away. He stays on his hands and knees, facing away from me. His hard-fucked butthole gleams with lube and traces of my cum.

"Damn, that was good!" I pat his butt affectionately, then reach between his legs and touch the little spot of fresh cum on the sheets. "For you too, I'd say."

He laughs self-consciously. "Yeah. I guess so." He stands up and faces me.

"You guess?" I point to the cum he just shot. "Looks like it to me." I study his face. He still looks scared and excited. Mostly scared, but also determined.

Suddenly, he grabs me, pulls our bodies together, and kisses me . . . long, hard, and dirty.