Her Bi Boy Toys

A bonus story from Skydancers

Her Boy Toy's First Male-Male Sex

Ahmed Hardi had never expected to be a boy toy. Back in Kurdistan, the thought of being a powerful woman's sexual plaything would have appalled him.

But, he wasn't in Kurdistan anymore. And Loretta Lyons was an extraordinary woman and a hyper-aggressive lover.

Ahmed was a slender handsome dark-skinned man with short curly jet black hair, a closely-trimmed beard, liquid brown eyes, and a shy smile. He was only 25 standard years old and felt very lucky to be working for Black Sky Mining, the biggest mining corporation in The Belt. Admittedly, he was a sub-sub-contractor for BSMC, employed by Chandra Technical Services AG, but that was very good for a young electronics engineer.

Loretta was a BSMC Vice President of Orbital Logistics, who'd taken an interest in him while he was upgrading the equipment in her department. A person in her position had to be well over 80 but, thanks to the Prolong therapies, she appeared to be in her late 30s. She was super-athletic, with stylishly cut shoulder length black hair, emerald green bionic eyes, and a face and voluptuous body perfectly sculpted by talented surgeons and maintained by a squad of beauticians and personal trainers.

They were sitting naked in her apartment's hot tub, sipping champagne and gazing out the floor-to-ceiling duraglass window at the velvet blackness glittering with hard unblinking stars, slowly moving with the rotation of the BSMC headquarters disk.

Under the foaming rose-scented water, she was playing with his rock-hard cock, sliding her closed fist up and down its shaft and rubbing her thumb and index finger over its head.

He was one of the better endowed men in the community shower and Loretta loved his big stiff rod . . . in her hand, mouth, vagina, and even the hot tight forbidden spot between her sculpted buttocks.

"You're such a sexy stud." She twisted in the hot tub, pressing a perfect breast into his chest, and kissed him. Her kisses were expert and carefully calculated to raise his passion to a fever pitch.

He kissed her back, using the precise amount of tongue she liked and resisting his blazing desire to ravage her mouth, breasts, and cunt. That word had startled him the first time Loretta had used it. Ahmed and Sigrid, his first girlfriend, had been too shy to say the names of their intimate body parts. Now, the forbidden words excited him. Everything about Loretta excited him.

"Oh yes! You're such a good kisser." She straddled his hips, pressing her slit against his stiff cock, and put his hands on her breasts. "You get me so hot."

"I'm such a lucky man." He rolled his hips while he kneaded Loretta's spectacular breasts, trying to guide his cock-head into her cunt mouth. "To be here with the most desirable woman in the universe."

"It's good being with you." Loretta stood up, revealing her hairless vulva and jet black pubic thatch, and held out her hand. "And it's going to get even better." She took his hand and guided him out of the hot tub and into the shower area. "I have a surprise."

"A surprise?" Ahmed found Loretta's frequent surprises both exciting and frightening. They'd committed almost every sexual sin in the Quran and he'd relished every violation. It seemed—Allah forgive him—that the Prophet had been wrong about sex. "What is it?"

"If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise." Jets of warm air dried them and Loretta led Ahmed up the stairs to her apartment's bedroom level.

She stopped at the master bedroom door, curled her fingers around his stiff cock, and kissed him. "You sure are hard."

"With you, always." Ahmed and Sigrid had eagerly explored the sins of unmarried intercourse and oral sex. They'd been too shy to even consider the much greater sin of anal sex.

But Loretta had given him her asshole and taken his butt, first with dildos and then a strap-on, which was probably an even bigger sin.

He wondered what sins were left.

Still gripping Ahmed's hard-on, Loretta opened the door and led him inside.

A naked young man was sitting in one of the lounge area's easy chairs. He was clean shaven, with shoulder-length blond hair and piercing blue eyes. He stood up and smiled silently at Ahmed, waiting for Loretta to speak.

Ahmed couldn't help staring at the blond man. He had the bulging muscles of a serious body builder and a long thick cock. Even soft, it was considerably larger than Ahmed's unusually large rod.

And it wasn't staying soft. As Ahmed watched with a mixture of amazement, fear, and anticipation, it grew to full hardness, standing out from the blond man's hairless crotch like a towering redwood in images from old California.

Loretta slid her fist down Ahmed's rigid shaft, curled her thumb and index finger around its base, and cupped his testicles with her remaining fingers. "Ahmed, this is Lance. He's going to be joining us tonight."

Ahmed's first reaction was jealousy. He didn't want to share Loretta with anyone. Not another woman and certainly not a man.

But what could he do? He was her boy toy, providing sexual services. Not a lover or even an equal. He was a low-level engineer who rented a coffin—a low-gravity space near the spindle just big enough to sleep in—and used community facilities. She didn't pay him, except in awesome body and soul shattering sex, but that was good enough.

"Hello Lance." Ahmed forced a smile.

Lance was looking over Ahmed's trim body, lingering on his massive erection. "It's good to meet you." He stepped forward and kissed Ahmed directly on the lips. Ahmed was startled. He was used to men kissing other men, politely on the cheek, but had never kissed another man on the mouth.

He was even more surprised when Lance pulled him away from Loretta, plastered his body against Ahmed's, and tongue kissed him with savage intensity. It was raw, primal, and totally male, with none of the limits Sigrid and Loretta had set.

Ahmed resisted briefly, but then kissed Lance back with a hard dirty tongue while rubbing his stiff cock against the blond man's swollen pole and kneading his tight buttocks.

"You're fucking hot!" Lance growled, reaching between their bodies and curling his hand around both their hard-ons.

Again, Ahmed was shocked. No man had ever touched his erect penis. He froze like a statue as Lance's closed fist slid up and down their stiff shafts.

"You like that?" Lance slipped his index finger between their rods, caressing their cock-heads as he stroked their hard dicks, sending waves of pleasure through Ahmed's body.

"Oh yes!" The Prophet had decreed homosexuality to be the gravest of the sexual sins. Ahmed suspected that was because man-on-man sex gave the greatest pleasure. Men knew each other's bodies and desires better than a woman possibly could. Allah forgive him! He'd found another sin to joyfully commit.

Ahmed reached down and cupped his fingers around his and Lance's balls. His were hairy. Lance's were smooth bare flesh. Many of the men he'd seen in the community showers had hairless crotches. He'd considered removing his own pubic hair, but Loretta liked it.

He kneaded their testicles, squeezing hard enough to excite but stopping at the edge of pain. Lance's smooth genitals and his hairy nuts made an exciting contrast.

"Oh yes!" Loretta was standing a meter away, touching a nipple and running a slow finger over her neat little pussy lips while she watched them. "You two are really getting into it." She stepped closer and put a hand on each man's butt.

"Touching another man feels so good." Ahmed pushed Lance's hand away from their pressed-together cocks and curled his fingers around Lance's stiff rod. He jacked it slowly, stroking its swollen shaft and rubbing his thumb and index finger over its bulging cock-head.

Loretta fondled Ahmed's and Lance's buttocks and fingered their cracks as they jerked each other's cocks. Of course, Ahmed had engaged in mutual masturbation with Sigrid and Loretta, but manipulating a stiff dick was totally different from fingering a slick wet pussy.

Jerking Lance's rod was almost like beating himself off. He knew exactly what each finger motion and milligram of pressure was doing to the other man. And Lance was handling Ahmed's swollen pole just as well. They could easily bring each other off this way . . .

But he didn't want that. What he wanted was scary, but irresistible.

Still gripping Lance's hard-on, Ahmed fell to his knees and took the blond man's cock-head and shaft in his mouth. It tasted of skin, sweat, precum, and raw primal male.

"That's right." Loretta's voice seemed to come from a long way off. "Suck his cock."

Lance groaned as Ahmed bobbed over his oversized pole, sucking its head and taking it deep in his throat. He finally swallowed the whole thing, stopping with his lips closed around its base. Its cock-head blocked his throat and he couldn't breathe, but he didn't care.

Ahmed finally ran out of oxygen and pulled off Lance's giant cock. He looked into the blond man's eyes, enjoying the look of surprise on his face, while he took a few deep breaths. Then, he went back down on Lance's rod, stroking its shaft while kissing and licking its cock-head.

Lance moaned softly when Ahmed slipped the tip of his tongue into his cum-slit. His moans grew louder as Ahmed licked his cock-head's deep furrow while kneading his smooth balls and tickling his taint, copying what Sigrid and Loretta had done to him.

Both women had loved going down on him. Now, he understood why. His own cock throbbed as he pushed Lance toward a climax, eager to feel and taste the man's gushing cum.

For an instant, Ahmed was frightened when Lance grabbed his head to hold it immobile and then rocked his hips, roughly fucking Ahmed's face. Then, he relaxed and took Lance's driving rod, squeezing the man's balls and jerking his shaft, pushing him closer and closer . . .

"Yeah!" Lance groaned. "Take my cum—" His throbbing pole exploded in Ahmed's mouth, filling it with waves of hot tart cum. He swallowed frantically while sucking Lance's cock-head, trying to get every drop.

Lance finally stopped moving. His cock stayed as stiff as a nanosteel rod. Ahmed held it in his mouth, gently suckling it while tenderly stroking Lance's balls, overwhelmed by the experience. The aftertaste from the sexy man's cum was strong. Ahmed didn't want to swallow and wash it away.

Loretta sank to her knees beside Ahmed. Her nipples and pussy lips were puffy, her vulva gleamed with her juices, and her sharp heated female scent filled the air. "Did you swallow it?"

Ahmed shook his head. She kissed him, harder and dirtier than ever before, sucking his spit mixed with Lance's cum into her own mouth.

After they'd traded cum-laced spit several times, Loretta opened her mouth and let the mixture run down her chest and onto her perfect breasts.

Ahmed licked it off, sucking her nipples and nuzzling her firm fleshy globes, while Lance played with his anus, running a finger up and down his crack and gently pressing a fingertip into his hole.

"That was great." Loretta stood up, took Ahmed's hand, and guided him to the bed. Lance followed them. His cock was still rock-hard, gleaming with cum and spit. "And it was just the beginning."

She pointed at Lance and then gestured toward the bed. He nodded and bent over the bed, braced with his palms flat on the mattress. "I want you to fuck his butt now." She took a squeeze bottle out of the nightstand drawer and handed it to Ahmed.

"Oh yes." Ahmed knew exactly what to do. Loretta had trained him thoroughly. He coated his finger with lube and pressed it into Lance's little puckered hole. His big thick cock jerked as Ahmed's finger slid smoothly up his ass. "You like that?"

"I sure like it." Loretta stood beside Lance with her legs spread, running a slow finger up and down her slit. "I know you do, too." She bent down and gripped Lance's hard-on. "Are you ready for Ahmed to fuck you?"

"Oh yeah!" Lance's asshole was hot and tight around Ahmed's finger. "Your strap-on is nice, but it can't compete with a real live cock."

She laughed and slapped his butt playfully. "Well, I'm not going to get a dick grafted on just for you." She reached out and fondled Ahmed's rigid pole. "Not when we've got a super hot stud right here."

She kissed Ahmed. "Ream his ass."

"All right." Ahmed pulled his finger out of Lance's asshole, added more lube, and slid it back in, twisting his wrist as he moved his finger in and out to distribute the slick gel evenly.

"Fuck!" Lance reached between his legs and jacked his stiff cock while Ahmed fingered his ass, groaning and pushing back against Ahmed's thrusting finger.

Loretta moved behind Ahmed, flattening her heavy tits against his back. "You guys are so hot," she whispered. "Got my pussy so wet." She reached around his body and gripped his stiff cock, stroking its shaft and pinching its head between her thumb and index finger. "You're so hard. Put this up his ass. Now!"

Loretta watched as Ahmed pulled his finger out of Lance's butthole and smeared lubricant on his towering erection. "Fuck his ass." She gripped Ahmed's stiff rod and guided its tip between Lance's muscular buttocks.

Lance made him work for it, holding his anal muscles tight. Ahmed pushed in slowly, gradually opening and stretching Lance's tight little anal ring.

"Yeah!" Loretta said. "Push your big knob up his tight little butt hole." She kneaded her breasts and pinched her nipples while watching Ahmed's cock-head gradually disappearing between Lance's buttocks.

Lance's ass muscles suddenly relaxed and Ahmed drove home, slamming his pelvis against the blond stud's butt cheeks. "By God!" he gasped. "I'm fucking a man's ass."

Nothing had ever felt this good. Not Sigrid's or Loretta's pussies. Not even Loretta's asshole. He pulled his hard-on all the way out of Lance's forbidden hole, then gripped its shaft and worked its cock-head in and out of his tight little anal ring.

"This is so sexy!" Loretta was fingering her pussy while she watched Ahmed teasing Lance's anus. "Now, fuck his ass for real."

"Like this?" Ahmed drew back, then slid his cock all the way up Lance's hot tight hole.

"That's right!" Lance gasped. "Fuck me. Good and hard." He moaned as Ahmed fucked him with long smooth strokes, pulling almost out and then slamming home, gradually gaining speed.

Loretta sank to her knees with her legs spread and worked rough fingers in and out of her wet pussy while she watched Ahmed fucking Lance. "Come on. Hammer his ass."

Ahmed gripped Lance's hips to hold him in place and rammed him hard and fast. The tension in his balls climbed to the bursting point. "Ready for a big hot load?"

"Oh fuck, yeah!" Lance gasped, swinging his hips in time with Ahmed's rough thrusts. "Shoot it! Shoot it up my ass!"

"I want to see it!" Loretta cried.

"Here it is." Ahmed yanked his throbbing cock out of Lance's hot tight ass and sprayed heavy pulses of cum on his buttocks and back. Loretta screamed, coming hard as she stared at Ahmed's spurting pole.

Finally spent, Ahmed leaned forward and kissed the back of Lance's neck.

"That was great." Loretta was kneeling beside Ahmed with her chest heaving and her motionless fingers inside her gleaming pussy.

"Good for me, too," Ahmed said.

"And me," Lance added.

Loretta laughed. "I could tell." She patted Ahmed's and Lance's butts, then got on the bed and crooked a finger at Ahmed. "Come here."

Loretta lay on her back, glowing in the subdued golden light from the ceiling. Ahmed knelt between her spread legs, bent forward, and kissed her, open-mouthed with lots of tongue.

She moaned softly as he kissed her cheeks, ears, forehead, eyelids, throat, big breasts, belly, pelvis, inner thighs, everywhere except her vulva.

"Stop teasing!" Loretta grabbed the sides of Ahmed's head and pressed his face between her spread legs. "Eat me. Now!"

He'd been teasing himself, as well as Loretta. That was over. He pulled her to the foot of the bed, knelt on the floor between her spread legs, and pressed his tongue between her neatly-rolled little pussy lips. They opened easily and his tongue slipped inside. Her tart overheated female taste was almost overwhelming.

Loretta shifted her feet, lifting her knees and elevating her pelvis, opening her pussy wider and letting Ahmed go in deeper. He held his tongue stiff and worked it in and out, pausing every few strokes to suck more of her fast-flowing juices.

"That's right," Loretta gasped. "Eat my cunt." He did, alternating between diving deep and tenderly exploring her shallow areas. She moaned and rolled her hips, gradually getting louder and faster.

Lance moved behind Ahmed, reached around his body, and stroked his stiff cock while rubbing his hard-on up and down his butt crack.

Lance stopped thrusting and ran his tongue around Loretta's super-sensitive pussy mouth. She gasped and bucked when he clamped his lips around her swollen bud. "Yes," she whispered. "Oh Yes!" She moaned and rolled her hips as he licked and sucked her big clit.

Lance stroked his hard cock while he watched Ahmed going down on Loretta. Then, he picked the squeeze bottle up, lubricated his finger, and slid it up Ahmed's ass.

Lance finger-fucked Ahmed while he ate Loretta out, alternating between licking and sucking her clit and driving his tongue into her hot wet depths. She was close to coming when Lance pressed his cock-head into the center of Ahmed's puckered hole and pushed forward.

"God is great!" Ahmed gasped. "And so is your cock." Lance's hard rod felt totally different from Loretta's dildos and strap-on. As enjoyable as those were, a real live man's hard-on stretching his asshole felt even better.

Lance stopped with his stiff pole all the way up Ahmed's ass, with his balls pressing against his butt cheeks. "Fuck me," Ahmed said. "Fuck me hard."

Loretta pushed Ahmed's face back down between her spread legs. "Eat me. Make me come while our big blond stud rams his big hard cock up your sexy male ass."

Ahmed thrust his tongue deep into Loretta's pussy and worked it around while Lance fucked him, starting out slow, pulling almost out and then sliding his length all the way up his butt.

As Lance fucked him harder and faster, Ahmed clamped Loretta's swollen clit between his lips and slid two fingers up her hot wet cunt, finger-fucking her in time with Lance's increasingly rough thrusts.

"Oh fuck!" Lance rammed Ahmed's ass, shaking his body and bouncing his face into Loretta's crotch. "I'm getting so close . . ."

Ahmed pulled his fingers out of Loretta's wet cunt and thrust his tongue into her pussy. She screamed and thrashed, coming hard. Ahmed held on to her hips and worked his tongue in her convulsing cunt, pushing her to an even more intense climax.

Lance pounded Ahmed's ass, roaring like a bull each time he slammed home. His long drawn-out cries seemed to shake the room.

Ahmed was dizzily aware of the jets of hard hot cum splashing his anal walls. It was so different from Loretta's strap on. So much better!

Lance stopped with his cock buried deep inside Ahmed's butthole. Loretta lay limp on the bed, breathing hard. Ahmed held still with his face between Loretta's legs, smelling the juices leaking from her pussy, and enjoying the feeling of Lance's still-hard cock filling his ass.

"So good." Loretta stroked Ahmed's hair and ran her hands over his shoulders. "You men are such sexy studs."

Lance's cock softened and slipped out of Ahmed's butt. He got up, then bent over and kissed Loretta. "That was great."

Then, he kissed Ahmed. It was another rough man-on-man kiss that went on until Ahmed picked him up and threw him on the bed, preparing to fuck him again.

"No!" Loretta pushed Lance away from Ahmed, lay on her back, and folded her knees against her chest, lifting her buttocks and displaying her pretty little asshole. "It's my turn."

Lance shrugged. "Okay." He got up and moved to the chair beside the bed. "I'll just watch."

Ahmed picked up the lube and knelt between Loretta's raised ankles. "You look ready."

"I need your big hard cock up my ass." Loretta lifted her sculpted buttocks higher. "Right now."

Ahmed lubricated his stiff cock and pressed its head into the center of Loretta's puckered hole.

Loretta groaned as his cock-head slowly opened her anus. He'd taken her quickly and violently before. No preliminaries, just ramming his rod up her asshole and bouncing his balls against her butt cheeks. She liked that, but this time he stretched it out.

His cock-head slipped through her anal ring. He stopped, barely inside, and then pulled completely out. He did that a few more times, savoring the pressure on his swollen knob as he pushed into her asshole.

He pulled out again, aimed his rod like a spear, and thrust home, driving through her asshole into her depths and slamming his pelvis into her buttocks. "Oh yes!" she gasped. "That's right!"

Ahmed gripped Loretta's ankles and pushed them up over her shoulders, spreading her legs in a wide Vee and pushing his hard cock even deeper into her hot tight asshole.

Loretta kneaded her breasts and rolled her nipples between her thumbs and index fingers while Ahmed fucked her hard and fast, rocking her legs in a wide arc and swinging her butt up to meet his plunging pole. "Oh yeah!" she cried. "Fuck me hard."

Ahmed stared at his driving rod sliding in and out of Loretta's beautifully sculpted buns. It was so sexy. Before he'd met Loretta, he'd never expected to take a woman up the ass.

"Fuck . . ." Loretta slid her hands down her body, stopping between her legs. "This is so fucking good . . ." She slipped two fingers into her gleaming wet pussy and worked them in and out vigorously while Ahmed plowed her butt.

Her ass was so hot and tight. And she was so sexy. Far beyond his most extravagant dreams.

She groaned and her big firm breasts shook each time his pelvis crashed into her wonderfully cushioned buttocks. The squishing sound of her fingers working her dripping cunt blended with the slap of flesh on flesh and their coordinated grunts as he fucked her even harder.

"Oh! My! God!" Her back arched and she let out a long piercing scream as she came. Ahmed held on, pounding her ass as she screamed and thrashed.

The first time, Loretta's orgasmic screams had frightened him. Now, they excited him, pushing him to even greater efforts as her cries increased in intensity.

The cum in Ahmed's nuts built steadily as he drove on, pushing Loretta from climax to even more intense climax. "By God!" he gasped. "I am so close . . ."

"Shoot it, stud!" Loretta cried. "Let me feel—"

"By God yes!" Ahmed hammered Loretta's asshole, pulling almost out and then slamming home, shooting hard pulses of cum into her depths with each rough thrust.

Ahmed finally finished and slowed to a stop with his still-hard cock buried in Loretta's ass, feeling like he'd just run a marathon. Loretta lay limp with her eyes closed, looking almost dead, except for her heaving breasts.

His cock slipped out of her butt when he let go of her ankles and bent forward to kiss her. "That was so good," he whispered. "The best ever."

Loretta kissed him back enthusiastically. "It was definitely great. You were magnificent!" She looked over at Lance, who was still sitting in the chair, slowly stroking his massive erection while he watched them. "You two were magnificent."

Ahmed was instantly jealous. He still resented having to share Loretta with another man, but that came with being a boy toy. He could either bend to her will or leave. There were no other options.

And he had to admit that the sex with Lance had been amazing. Until now, he'd never been attracted to men. The blond body-builder had opened new doors to pleasure for him . . .

Loretta yawned elaborately. "You men . . ." She looked drowsily from Ahmed to Lance and back. "This has been wonderful . . ." She closed her eyes and then opened them again. "But, I have an early morning meeting . . ." She sighed and sank back on the bed, sound asleep.

Ahmed got out of the bed, spent a moment admiring Loretta's lush body, and then pulled the covers up.

He turned to Lance, who still had a towering hard-on. His own cock was getting stiff . . .

Lance stood up, grinning at Ahmed's sudden boner. "Let's go to my place."