Free Fall Sex

Adapted from Skydancers

Horny Astronauts Can't Wait

Ahmed Hardi scanned the stack of transport crates with his phone. The cargo the robots had loaded into the short-range shuttle matched the manifest. "That's it. We're ready to go."

"Good." Becca Cohen glanced at her wrist terminal. "We're ready to launch." She smiled at Ahmed. "You're very efficient." Her smile widened. "I like that in a man."

Ahmed was a slender handsome dark-skinned man with short curly jet black hair, a closely-trimmed beard, liquid brown eyes, and a shy smile. He was only 25 standard years old and felt very lucky to be working for Black Sky Mining Corporation, the biggest mining corporation in The Belt. Admittedly, he was a sub-sub-contractor for BSMC, employed by Chandra Technical Services AG, but that was very good for a young electronics engineer.

"I think we're going to work together well." Becca put her hand on his butt, giving him a instant erection. "Very well."

Becca was a short wide woman, with big breasts and a pleasant face. A livid scar ran from her forehead to her chin and bisected her right eye, which was a high-res Zeiss Ikon model. Her knees, lower legs, and feet were gleaming black carbon fiber and she moved with the grace of a gazelle.

At first, her appearance had startled Ahmed, but her warm personality had dissolved his shock after a few minutes. He was no stranger to injuries, anyway. As a young officer in the Kurdish Defense Forces, his mother had been severely wounded defending the Turkish frontier and he'd grown up seeing her scars.

Becca was the Engineer on the Asteroid Prospecting Ship Skydancer. She'd taken him to supper last night to discuss his assignment: upgrading the ship's drones. They'd eaten at a nice, but not super-expensive restaurant a few decks below the rim of the BSMC headquarters disk. He'd joined her in drinking a bottle of wine. He usually abstained from alcohol, but wasn't that observant a Muslim.

She'd been friendly, polite, and professional, but Ahmed had sensed a definite heat in the way she'd looked at him. He'd felt it too, as an uncontrollable bulge in his underwear. Deep space crews had a well-deserved reputation for lusty behavior during their brief times in port.

Ahmed's last relationship with a woman had ended three months ago when she'd been transferred back to Earth. He rented a coffin—a low-gravity space near the spindle just big enough to sleep in—and used community facilities. That didn't do much to attract women. He'd been approached by a few men, but he wasn't interested in men.

After the meal, Ahmed had gone back to his coffin. Becca had said she was going to her hotel, but he'd seen her taking the turbo lift to the section of the disk that housed the dockside bars.

He'd tried to sleep, but couldn't stop fantasizing about Becca. After a restless hour, he'd given up and paid to access one of the porn channels. Masturbating hadn't been very satisfying and his climax had been messy: long streamers of cum exploding from his straining cock, sailing upward in the lunar-strength gravity, and splashing the flatscreen mounted over his thin sleeping pad.

Their magnetic boots clicked on the deck plates as they entered the shuttle and walked forward to the cockpit. Becca took the pilot's chair and Ahmed sat at the copilot's station.

Automatic handlers moved the little ship through the airlock and out into space.

"Home again," Becca whispered. Ahmed tore his gaze away from the velvet blackness glittering with hard unblinking stars to look at her. "It gets in your blood," she said. "Once you've spent enough time in deep space, planets and space stations are confining."

Ahmed found the void overwhelming. It was Allah's way of showing him how little he meant to the universe. But yet . . .

Becca studied him in the dim cabin lights. "I see it in you. You belong here too."

"Well . . . Perhaps."

She laughed and gave his thigh a friendly squeeze. He hoped she didn't notice his erection, but suspected she did. "You'll see. It'll just take some time." She tightened her grip on Ahmed's thigh as the main engines came to life and a gentle force pressed them back in their chairs.

The engines cut out after two minutes, leaving them weightless. "On course for Asteroid Prospecting Ship Skydancer," the AI said. "Range: 1,237 kilometers. Estimated travel time: 43 minutes."

"All right." Becca slid her hand up Ahmed's thigh. "We can just relax and enjoy the ride."

Becca's hand on Ahmed's thigh was blazing hot. He put his hand over hers and said, "Come here. I want to kiss you."

"Oh yes!" Becca ran her fingers over Ahmed's crotch bulge and then unstrapped from the pilot's chair. She released her stubs from the prosthetic legs and drifted over to Ahmed, catching the back of the pilot's seat and gracefully spinning to face him.

Ahmed gathered Becca in his arms and pulled her to him.

Becca kissed him. Just . . .Kissed . . . Him . . . She wasn't doing anything else. Not pushing toward sex, just kissing him with total concentration and conviction.

Time stopped. Ahmed was only aware of the kiss. He didn't know, or care, what their lips and tongues were doing, how their bodies pressed together . . . Just that endless floating kiss.

"Wow!" Becca whispered, finally pulling away. "You're a great kisser."

"I am?" His cock was harder than ever.

"Oh yeah." She unfastened his seat straps and pulled him out of the copilot's chair. "Way better than most men . . ." Confident as a fish in water, she guided him to the back of the bridge and away from the controls. "Now, I want you to fuck me." She removed her blouse, bra, and shorts and floated in front of him dressed only in businesslike white panties.

"Such a hurry . . ." Ahmed stared at Becca's big gracefully undulating breasts as he removed his shoes and coveralls.

"I want wine, starlight, and a long romantic night," Becca said. "We'll have that." She grinned mischievously. "And a whole lot more."

She reached into his bulging briefs and pulled his cock out. "But not now." She stroked his stiff rod, running her thumb and index finger over its crown and smearing the precum leaking from its tip. "We don't have time and I need you. Bad!" She guided his hands to the waistband of her panties. "So come on and fuck me."

Ahmed pulled Becca's panties down over her thighs and off the stubs of her legs, then held them to his face. They were soaking wet and her heated woman smell was strong. "By Allah, you are hot!" He let the panties float away and put his hands on her breasts. He squeezed them gently while rolling her swollen nipples between his thumbs and index fingers.

Becca purred, "You like my tits?" Her immense breasts were warm, inviting, and incredibly arousing.

"Oh yes." He could spend hours playing with Becca's sexy breasts. "They're magnificent."

"Men seem to like them." Becca tore his briefs off, caught his hands, and guided them to her waist. She spread her legs, showing him her neatly-rolled pussy lips. "But they like my cunt, too." That word had startled him the first time a woman had used it. "And I need your big hard cock. Right now!"

"Oh yes." Ahmed gripped Becca's waist to hold their bodies together. She caught Ahmed's shaft and guided it between her legs, then swung her hips, driving his cock into her pussy. It was so hot and tight . . .

Becca was floating with her back to the cockpit ceiling and her head pointing toward the big wrap-around duraglass viewport over the instrument panel. He stared past her at the deep black sky and the hard bright stars. One was noticeably larger than the others. Keeping his stiff dick deep in her hot tight pussy, he bent forward and kissed her tenderly.

She kissed him back, hard and dirty, with an aggressive tongue. "You like my cunt."

"Of course." He drew back and then pushed forward again, shivering in pleasure as her muscular pussy clamped his hot rod. "It's wonderful. You're wonderful!"

"Well, you're a stud," Becca said. "And I want you to ride me hard."

"Oh, I will." Ahmed fucked Becca steadily, gripping her waist to hold their bodies together.

"Yeah! That's right!" Becca kneaded her breasts and played with her nipples while swinging her pelvis, encouraging him to go faster. "Hammer my snatch!" He did, pulling back and then driving home, slamming his crotch into her vulva hard enough to shake her body.

"God! Yes!" Becca moaned. "Fuck me. Fuck me rough!" She screamed and thrashed, getting louder as Ahmed plowed her pussy. He'd never had a woman come so violently. Becca's climax was totally uninhibited and unbelievably exciting.

"Oh yes!" Becca cried as cum exploded from Ahmed's straining cock. "Shoot for me, Stud!" He rammed her over and over, shooting deep into her spasming snatch.

Finally spent, they hung in the air, gently spinning. Becca's head swung toward the back of the pilot's seat. He caught the headrest, stopping their motion. "That was good," he gasped. "The best." He held her close, flattening her breasts against his chest. His cock had softened but was still buried in her pussy, bathed in his cum and her juices.

"Good for me too, Baby." She kissed him fiercely and ran her fingers through his hair. "You're a hell of a lover."

Ahmed laughed. The Imams would certainly say he was going to hell for the sexual things he'd done, but he didn't believe that. Allah was merciful and wouldn't punish people for giving each other such pleasure. "I try. But, I haven't been with many women . . ."

"You do all right, Baby." She sighed. "I'd like to stay like this forever—"

A soft chime sounded and the shuttle's AI announced, "Secure for deceleration burn."

Becca and Ahmed dressed hastily and strapped into the pilot's chairs. Outside the viewport, the big bright star had become a thick ring, pierced by a long thin cylinder and growing larger every second. It wheeled away as the shuttle spun on its axis, preparing to decelerate. The engines ramped up smoothly, reducing their velocity relative to Skydancer to zero.

The burn ended and the AI flipped the shuttle. Skydancer filled the viewport, floating a few hundred meters away.

"Prepare to dock." The AI engaged the thrusters, propelling the shuttle toward the big door opening in Skydancer's side.

Becca took Ahmed's hand. "I wish I could kiss you again." That was impossible while they were strapped in.

Ahmed said, "We'll have plenty of opportunities." Refitting the drones would take at least a week. "At least, I hope that's what you want."

"Very much." Becca put her hand on his bulging crotch. "I want a lot more of you." She laughed briefly. "You probably won't believe this, but I've never had sex during a short flight in a shuttle. It was so fuckin' hot!"

Ahmed lifted Becca's hand to his lips and kissed it. "It was the best sex I've ever had. The most exciting . . . And with the most exciting woman."

"You're so sexy." Becca moved her hand back to Ahmed's crotch and ran her fingers over his hard cock. "I want to keep you for myself, but . . ."

She studied his face for a long moment. "You know those stories about deep space crews? They're all true."

"Of course," Ahmed said. "A small group of healthy aggressive people alone on a ship for months at a time—"

"Healthy, aggressive, and super horny people," Becca said. "We have each other, but that's never enough."

With a final burst of thrusters, the shuttle connected with the cradle extending from Skydancer's hanger bay and the tie-downs latched. As the metal frame pulled the shuttle into the ship, Becca said, "I was feeling greedy and wanted you first."

"First?" He suddenly felt like an awkward farm boy from Kurdistan. "You mean the others . . ."

Becca squeezed Ahmed's thigh as the hanger door closed and air rushed into the compartment, shaking the shuttle. "Jayne, Alexei, and I are lovers." She shrugged. "That's how it goes on a deep space ship."

The vibration stopped and the AI said, "Hanger is at full pressurization."

They unfastened their belts and stood up. Becca kissed Ahmed and then said, "Jayne and Alexei will want to have sex with you. You're free to turn them down, but . . . Well, you'll see." She took his hand. Their magnetic boots clicked on the deck plates as she led him out of the cockpit and into a new adventure.